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How This Franchisee Runs More Than 275 Restaurants

Entrepreneur.com Latest Headlines - 2 hours 24 min ago

Aslam Khan is still actively involved in running his Church's Chicken, Long John silvers and Hardees locations across the U.S.

Categories: Entrepreneur News, Top News Stories

Video shows police encounter with Taraji P. Henson's son

CNN Video - 2 hours 26 min ago

Actress Taraji P. Henson is apologizing for claiming her son was racially profiled during a traffic stop in Southern California.

Categories: Video News

Egypt's foreign minister on stabilizing Yemen

CNN Video - 2 hours 34 min ago

Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry says the formation of an Arab Defense Force in Yemen is a very realistic prospect.

Categories: Video News

Nigerians debate presidential elections on streets

CNN Video - 2 hours 35 min ago

Nigerians crowd newspaper stalls to catch up on the day's headlines and argue politics, as CNN's Christian Purefoy reports.

Categories: Video News

Aaron Hernandez's fiancée takes the stand

CNN Video - 2 hours 50 min ago

CNN's Susan Candiotti details Aaron Hernandez's fiancée first day of testimony.

Categories: Video News

Was Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz 'Unfit' to Fly?

CNN Video - 2 hours 53 min ago

Psychologist Erik Fisher joins Victor Blackwell on set to talk about the Germanwings Co-Pilot - and his mental condition.

Categories: Video News

Arab nations meet to discuss Yemen

CNN Video - 5 hours 35 min ago

Leaders from a number of Arab nations gather in Egypt for talks on resolving the crisis in Yemen. CNN's Becky Anderson reports.

Categories: Video News

BMI note from school angers mom

CNN Video - 6 hours 9 min ago

A Missouri school sends note home expressing concerns about a second grader's body mass index. KMBC has the report.

Categories: Video News

Lawmaker calls baby's death a 'curse of God'

CNN Video - 6 hours 29 min ago

A Colorado state lawmaker says an attack on a pregnant woman is a "curse of God upon America". KDVR's Eli Stokols reports.

Categories: Video News

Driver passes out behind wheel on freeway

CNN Video - 6 hours 49 min ago

A California woman passes out while behind the wheel as her vehicle is on a freeway. KGTV's Steve Fiorina reports.

Categories: Video News

Police officer charged with using excessive force

CNN Video - 7 hours 4 min ago

Madison police officer charged with use of unreasonable force. WAFF has the report.

Categories: Video News

Question about Michael Brown leads to beating on train

CNN Video - 7 hours 36 min ago

A man allegedly attacks a passenger on a public transit train in St. Louis after asking a question about Michael Brown. KMOV reports.

Categories: Video News

Clinton permanently deleted emails from personal server

CNN Video - 7 hours 40 min ago

The House Select Committee on Benghazi announced that Hillary Clinton permanently deleted thousands of emails from her personal server.

Categories: Video News

Fmr. Lawyer: Amanda Knox feels 'transcendent joy'

CNN Video - 7 hours 42 min ago

Erin Burnett talks with Amanda Knox's fmr. lawyer Ted Simon, who spoke with Knox a few moments after Italy's Supreme Court overturned her murder conviction.

Categories: Video News

'Bi-polar depression is also on the table as well'

CNN Video - March 27, 2015 - 11:47pm

Our team of medical and aviation experts offers theories to explain the new evidence found today regarding Germanwings' co-pilot medical records.

Categories: Video News

OU President: Racist chant taught at leadership event

CNN Video - March 27, 2015 - 11:33pm

University of Oklahoma President David Boren says that a university investigation has determined that the racist chant was part of SAE's culture.

Categories: Video News

Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million

CNNMoney Top Business Stories - March 27, 2015 - 11:20pm

Read full story for latest details.

Categories: Business News

Amanda Knox: I am so grateful to have my life back

CNN Video - March 27, 2015 - 11:20pm

Amanda Knox speaks out for the first time after Italy's Supreme Court overturned her murder conviction.

Categories: Video News

Investigators: Recovery effort going 'bit by bit'

CNN Video - March 27, 2015 - 11:17pm

Investigators are finding the recovery operation of Germanwings Flight 9525 in the French Alps to be quite challenging. CNN's Karl Penhaul reports.

Categories: Video News

Aviation experts field questions via #GermanWingsQs

CNN Video - March 27, 2015 - 11:09pm

Using the hashtag #GermanWingsQs, Don Lemon and a collection of aviation and mental health experts field social media questions

Categories: Video News

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