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Video News

Monedas de América Latina

CNN Video - 2 hours 33 min ago

Desde la Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, Claudio Zuchovicky analiza el saldo del mercado para el primer trimestre de este año.

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Companies battle for wittiest April Fools' Day prank

CNN Video - 2 hours 34 min ago

A toddler dating app? A fanny basket? SELFIE SHOES?!? CNN's Jeanne Moos says it's an April Fools' gold rush.

Categories: Video News

How do you recover data from a damaged phone?

CNN Video - 2 hours 36 min ago

Could cell phone video survive the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525? CNN's Dan Simon shows us a company that says it can recover data from damaged devices.

Categories: Video News

Gaza man mistakenly sells Banksy mural for $175

CNN Video - 2 hours 41 min ago

Not knowing its true value, a Gaza man sold the door to his destroyed home, upon which the famous street artist Banksy had painted a mural, for a mere $175.

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Arkansas Senate debates fixes to religious freedom bill

CNN Video - 2 hours 43 min ago

Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas became the second Republican governor to bow to pressure and call for changes to his states' religious freedom bill.

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Sen. Menendez: 'I am ready to fight'

CNN Video - 2 hours 57 min ago

Federal prosecutors indicted Democratic Senator Robert Menendez on corruption charges. The Senator claims he is innocent. WCBS reports.

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Arwa Damon's Exclusive Report From Inside Tikrit

CNN Video - 3 hours 16 min ago

Senior International Correspondent Arwa Damon with an exclusive report from inside Tikrit, Iraq. WARNING: some viewers may find this content disturbing.

Categories: Video News

Menendez indicted, temporarily quits Senate cmte. post

CNN Video - 3 hours 23 min ago

A Democratic Senate aide says Sen. Robert Menendez will temporarily step aside as top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. CNN's Evan Perez reports.

Categories: Video News

Man drives car off tow truck

CNN Video - 3 hours 25 min ago

Watch as this man manages to drive his car off a tow truck and get away before the tow truck driver can stop him. WBBM reports.

Categories: Video News

NASA Scientist on California "Megadrought"

CNN Video - 3 hours 27 min ago

Benjamin Cook, of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, joins the program to discuss the drought facing California and its unique severity.

Categories: Video News

Iran nuclear talks extended again

CNN Video - 3 hours 38 min ago

The Iran nuclear talks will continue another day as negotiators work to hammer out an agreement. CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

Categories: Video News

California: el auge de los empresarios tecnológicos

CNN Video - 3 hours 45 min ago

En Los Ángeles la creación de empresas tecnológicas al parecer va de la mano con el crecimiento de su población.

Categories: Video News

Testimonio aterrador

CNN Video - 3 hours 51 min ago

Testigos narran cuando vieron estrellarse el avión Germanwings

Categories: Video News

What's next for Iraqi army after Tikrit?

CNN Video - 4 hours 3 min ago

Iraqi forces and local militias have reclaimed the Iraqi city of Tikrit from ISIS. CNN's Barbara Starr reports on what lies ahead.

Categories: Video News

Bloody assault drives ISIS out of Tikrit

CNN Video - 4 hours 11 min ago

ISIS is no longer in control of the Iraqi city of Tikrit. Iraqi forces liberated the city on Wednesday, 10 months after the group took control. CNN's Arwa Damon reports from Tikrit.

Categories: Video News

The UNC cheating scandal explained

CNN Video - 4 hours 11 min ago

The UNC cheating scandal is one of the largest ever to come to light. Sara Ganim walks us through the details

Categories: Video News

CNN Student News - 04/02/15

CNN Video - 4 hours 13 min ago

Today's show features an explainer on Yemen, some history concerning April Fools' Day, and a Character Study involving a hero on two wheels.

Categories: Video News

Iran nuke talks extended extra 24 hours

CNN Video - 4 hours 23 min ago

Progress made, but can an Iran nuclear framework deal be reached? CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

Categories: Video News

La diabetes gestacional

CNN Video - 4 hours 28 min ago

La médica Marisa Azaret explica los peligros del aumento de peso en las embarazadas

Categories: Video News

Surprise move on controversial religious freedom bill

CNN Video - 4 hours 29 min ago

In a surprise move, Arkansas Governor did not sign a religious freedom bill, instead sending it back to lawmakers. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

Categories: Video News

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