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Video News

Masked 'Jihadi John' revealed

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 8:21pm

The man involved in the killing of hostages as part of ISIS propaganda has been revealed--who is he? Alexandra Field reports.

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ISIS trata de borrar la historia

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 8:20pm

ISIS ahora también se dedica a destruir estatuas y antigüedades milenarias, de un valor histórico incalculable.

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"John, el yihadista": Las técnicas de la investigación

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 8:07pm

¿Cómo los servicios de inteligencia británicos y estadounidenses están investigando al "yihadista John" para establecer su relación con ISIS?

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United warns pilots after 'significant safety concerns'

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 8:04pm

United Airlines is warning its pilots to improve cockpit coordination and communication after a number of mistakes. CNN's Tom Foreman reports from the virtual room.

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A favor: Voto histórico sobre la neutralidad en internet

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:43pm

Miembros de la Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones de EE.UU. decidieron favorecer la neutralidad en internet. La banda ancha es un bien público.

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Así se maneja un Tesla

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:39pm

El periodista Peter Valdes-Dapena prueba uno de los modelos más populares de Tesla, el 'S'.

Categories: Video News

Charges against Argentine President dropped

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:35pm

An Argentine judge has dismissed a criminal complaint accusing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of covering up Iran's involvement in a 1994 terrorist bombing.

Categories: Video News

Militia: Up to 350 Christians kidnapped by ISIS

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:35pm

ISIS has taken over as many as 12 Christian villages in Syria, reports say. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.

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Source: Terror suspect ran mall kiosks

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:35pm

CNN's Deb Feyerick has brand new details on the three men who allegedly tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS. Who was the ringleader of the group?

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2014 the deadliest year for global terrorism?

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:12pm

U.S. lawmakers have been briefed on Americans who allegedly tried to join ISIS. CNN's Pamela Brown has the details.

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Boehner running out of options to stop funding shutdown

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 7:01pm

As an impasse remains over a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, House Speaker John Boehner is running out of time and options to avert a shutdown. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

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U.S.-Israeli relations strained by Netanyahu speech

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:38pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech before Congress is putting added strain on an already tense relationship with President Obama and the White House.

Categories: Video News

CNN Student News - 02/27/15

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:33pm

Subjects covered this Friday include a showdown in the U.S. government, an FCC decision regarding Internet rules, and the U.S. juvenile justice system.

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North Korea held kidnapped film stars for 8 years

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:22pm

Author Paul Fischer speaks to CNN Today about his latest book, which tells the story of 2 South Koreans who were kidnapped by the North Korean regime and forced to make propaganda films.

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Security checkpoint at Atlanta Airport

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:19pm

Delta Airlines employees at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport walk through a secure access point with a code.

Categories: Video News

New video shows ISIS fighters ransacking museum

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:12pm

A new video shows ISIS fighters smashing and destroying priceless antiquities with sledgehammers in a museum. Barbara Starr reports.

Categories: Video News

Report: ISIS holding 260+ Syrian Christian hostages

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:10pm

The terrorist group is now holding more than 260 Christians hostage inside Syria, according to a human rights organization. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

Categories: Video News

Did UK officials push 'Jihadi John' over the edge?

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 6:06pm

The idea that run ins with British officials radicalized him is "absurd," says Intl. Centre for the Study of Radicalization director Peter Neumann.

Categories: Video News

Analyst on Obama, Bibi's 'dysfunctional relationship'

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 5:55pm

Israeli leader's and President Obama have the worst dysfunctional relationship in the modern period, says former State Dept. negotiator Aaron David Miller.

Categories: Video News

Suspected terrorist told boss he wasn't coming back

CNN Video - February 26, 2015 - 5:52pm

New details on the three men arrested for allegedly trying to join ISIS. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

Categories: Video News

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