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Video News

Iranian Women Post Pics Without Hijab in Online Protest

CNN Video - 8 hours 46 min ago

Masih Alinejad, creator of "My Stealthy Freedom" Facebook page, discusses Iranian women protesting against wearing the Hijab.

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The Wonder List: Galapagos Islands

CNN Video - 9 hours 21 min ago

Next stop on The Wonder List with Bill Weir?a Galapagos island few humans get to visit. Sunday at 10p ET on CNN.

Categories: Video News

The best moments of Spock

CNN Video - 9 hours 22 min ago

See Leonard Nimoy is his most memorable moments as Spock from the first time he appeared on screen to the moment he first showed any emotion.

Categories: Video News

Washington está en la cuenta regresiva

CNN Video - 9 hours 47 min ago

¿Se ponen de acuerdo Republicanos y Demócratas? Ambos quieren consenso pero por caminos diferentes.

Categories: Video News

Mysterious drone sightings in Paris cause concern

CNN Video - 9 hours 54 min ago

CNN's Samuel Burke looks into the mystery drones flying over Paris landmarks and the security concerns they raise.

Categories: Video News

Holder to 'Jihadi John': We will hunt you down

CNN Video - 10 hours 1 min ago

Departing Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn't rule out the use of U.S. ground troops in Syria to capture the ISIS militant known as "Jihadi John."

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Is there a Hawaii without hotels?

CNN Video - 10 hours 4 min ago

The island nation of Vanuatu has all the trappings of paradise, without the luxury hotels and resorts (for now). Bill Weir caught up with guide and photojournalist, Jimmy Nelson, to look back at their extraordinary experiences on these extraordinary islands.

Categories: Video News

'Our world is shattered'

CNN Video - 10 hours 17 min ago

Danica Weeks, wife of MH370 passenger, Paul Weeks talks about how her family is coping since the plane went missing.

Categories: Video News

Mo'Nique fires back at Lee Daniels: I'm not blackballed

CNN Video - 10 hours 29 min ago

Mo'Nique, who won the 2010 Academy Award for her role in "Precious," fired back at director Lee Daniel's claim that the she was 'blackballed' by Hollywood because she is seen as difficult.

Categories: Video News

State may allow drop boxes for unwanted babies

CNN Video - 10 hours 39 min ago

The Indiana House unanimously passed a bill that would allow parents to place their unwanted baby in a specially designed box. CNN affiliate WRTV reports.

Categories: Video News

Blogger hacked to death

CNN Video - 10 hours 55 min ago

A blogger who promoted sectarian views was hacked to death in Bangladesh. CNN's Ravi Agrawal reports.

Categories: Video News

Netflix expansion is in the cards

CNN Video - 11 hours 3 min ago

Netflix has begun a massive push to expand outside the United States with a splashy third season premiere of 'House of Cards' in London.

Categories: Video News

Alastair Campbell: Spin's been with us since the Romans

CNN Video - 11 hours 5 min ago

The legendary and often notorious political aide, right-hand-man to Tony Blair, speaks with Christiane Amanpour about his new book, "Winners."

Categories: Video News

Mummified monk found in ancient statue

CNN Video - 11 hours 8 min ago

CNN's Richard Greene reports on a 1,000-year-old mummified monk found in an 14th century statue.

Categories: Video News

The official color of the dress is ...

CNN Video - 11 hours 16 min ago

Michele Bastock, the head of buying and design at Roman, confirms the color of the dress that has everyone talking.

Categories: Video News

2014: Ex-teacher runs drug cartel

CNN Video - 11 hours 16 min ago

Mexican authorities have detained Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel, federal police told CNN.

Categories: Video News

Principal says cyberbullies worse than Iraq insurgents

CNN Video - 11 hours 19 min ago

A Massachusetts high school principal and Iraq War veteran is firing back at cyberbullies from his school. CNN affiliate WCVB reports.

Categories: Video News

Police: Nine dead after shootings in Missouri

CNN Video - 11 hours 23 min ago

Police are investigating the deaths of nine people, including a suspected gunman, after they were found dead at multiple sites in Tyrone, Missouri.

Categories: Video News

OurCrowd CEO: I'm not buying a U.S./Israel rift

CNN Video - 11 hours 32 min ago

Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, joined Poppy Harlow on Quest Means Business. He'll be attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this weekend.

Categories: Video News

¿La policía protege a la comunidad?

CNN Video - 11 hours 33 min ago

Habría discrepancias en la autopsia de Zambrano, Además hay protestas en Pasco por la forma de actuar de la policía.

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