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Video News

Why are these kids getting tattoos?

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:59am

CNN's Ian Lee looks at why Egypt's Christian children are getting inked.

Categories: Video News

'Gender is who I am... sexuality is who I bounce it off of'

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:51am

"Gay is the new straight, and trans is the new gay." Author Andrew Solomon says the "rate of change" in views of transgenderism is "nothing short of astonishing."

Categories: Video News

Tour English mansion fit for a king

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:47am

The country lifestyle remains in hot demand among investors. CNN's John Defterios reports.

Categories: Video News

Used vegetable oil runs cars in Africa

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:34am

In Zambia, a young business entrepreneur turns used cooking vegetable oil into bio fuel and organic soap products.

Categories: Video News

Egyptian court uphold death sentence for Morsy

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:17am

Abdullah Haddad, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson in the UK speaks with Becky Anderson about the upheld sentence for Morsy

Categories: Video News

Spohr: we must increase flight safety

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 6:00am

Richard Quest talks with Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa CEO at the IATA conference on Sunday 7th June.

Categories: Video News

Boosting broadband demands in Africa

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 5:25am

Millions of new technology devices are flooding into the continent and tech giant Cisco is meeting those demands.

Categories: Video News

Doctors develop apps for frontline healthcare workers

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 5:25am

The Open Medicine Project belongs to two doctors that are helping to treat patients in the developing world.

Categories: Video News

Time running out for Greek debt deal

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 4:19am

CNN's Maggie Lake talks to Athens Chamber of Commerce's President Constantine Michalos about the financial dilemma facing Greece.

Categories: Video News

BBC names Chris Evans as new host of 'Top Gear'

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 3:30am

TV and radio personality Chris Evans will replace Jeremy Clarkson as host of "Top Gear". CNN's Brian Stelter has more.

Categories: Video News

Teen survivor describes shark attack

CNN Video - June 17, 2015 - 2:53am

Hunter Treschl, who lost his arm during a shark attack, talks about his experience from his hospital bed.

Categories: Video News


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