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Updated: 51 min 17 sec ago

Family to lose dog to village ordinance

2 hours 48 min ago

A village in Louisiana has issued an ordinance that would allow them to take custody of pit bulls and rottweilers. KALB reports.

Categories: Video News

U.S. expands combat role in Afghanistan

3 hours 46 min ago

President Obama has decided to extend the combat role of U.S. forces in Afghanistan into 2015. CNN's Erin McPike reports.

Categories: Video News

Oops! Dig may have caused home collapse

3 hours 47 min ago

A nearby excavation project may have caused a wall of a house to collapse. CNN affiliate KDVR has the story.

Categories: Video News

From TV dad to accused sexual predator

4 hours 6 min ago

How did Bill Cosby go from America's loveable TV dad to an accused sexual predator? CNN's Gary Tuchman has the timeline.

Categories: Video News

House report deflates Benghazi theories

7 hours 10 sec ago

A House report finds little to support questions raised about CIA actions on the ground during the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Categories: Video News

Ferguson: Preparing for protests

7 hours 20 min ago

CNN's Stephanie Elam speaks with Ferguson, Missouri protesters preparing for the Darren Wilson indictment decision.

Categories: Video News

Sources: Ferguson grand jury back Monday

7 hours 28 min ago

Sources tell CNN's Evan Perez that the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury will not reconvene until Monday.

Categories: Video News

CNN host, protester's fiery moment

10 hours 2 min ago

CNN's Michael Smerconish spoke with Bassem Masri about the escalating protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Categories: Video News

Sources: No grand jury decision Friday

10 hours 35 min ago

CNN's Evan Perez reports that the grand jury did not reach a decision on Friday in Ferguson, Missouri.

Categories: Video News

Andrew Luck: Perspective in the Pocket

10 hours 48 min ago

The NFL's most talented young quarterback on being an independent thinker, the glare of the spotlight & David Letterman

Categories: Video News

Is there an audio of Brown "tussle?"

11 hours 30 sec ago

CNN Legal Analyst Mark O'Mara says the alleged tussle between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson may have been recorded.

Categories: Video News

When protesters go too far

11 hours 3 min ago

A local "live streamer" talks protests in Ferguson and the community's relationship with police.

Categories: Video News

Do Cosby allegations amount to slander?

11 hours 4 min ago

Allegations continue to mount against comedian Bill Cosby. Could he sue over damages incurred from them?

Categories: Video News

Wilson head on straight amid grand jury

11 hours 4 min ago

An associate of Darren Wilson talks about his attitude while the grand jury continues to deliberate his fate.

Categories: Video News

Officer Wilson former cases reopened?

11 hours 5 min ago

If indicted, Wilson's former cases may reopen. Brown family attorney says that is conflict of interest for prosecutor.

Categories: Video News

Fans cheer Cosby at Florida performance

11 hours 15 min ago

Bill Cosby's comedy tour is still on schedule, even as NBC and Netflix cancel projects with the comedian.

Categories: Video News

Ferguson waits for grand jury's decision

11 hours 18 min ago

CNN's Jason Carroll reports on the latest as the nation awaits a grand jury's decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

Categories: Video News

Report: Lanza stayed in room for months

11 hours 57 min ago

A state agency finds Adam Lanza was in deteriorating mental health in the time leading up to the Sandy Hook shooting.

Categories: Video News

Derrick Rose: Getting to the Point

12 hours 13 min ago

Frustrated with Derrick Rose's approach to injuries? The Chicago Bull explains his cautious approach

Categories: Video News

Report: Lanza preoccupied with violence

12 hours 35 min ago

Adam Lanza had not left his room for three months before the Sandy Hook shooting, according to a state agency report.

Categories: Video News

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