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Updated: 38 min 16 sec ago

Huckabee dismisses Iowa 2016 polling

6 hours 59 min ago

GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says it's too early to make much of 2016 polls, but allows that if he were at the top he would say was significant.

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Tyree's Super Bowl moment

7 hours 10 min ago

David Tyree reflects on his unbelievable catch in Super Bowl XLII that helped the New York Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots.

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Huckabee dismisses "trashy women" talk

7 hours 11 min ago

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee on his comments about "trashy women".

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3-year-old boy shoots his parents

7 hours 24 min ago

A 3-year-old boy shot his father and pregnant mother while the family was in a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Huckabee compares gay marriage to drinking, swearing

7 hours 53 min ago

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee on same-sex marriage and what he describes as other "lifestyle" choices.

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McCain doesn't regret calling protestors "lowlife scum"

8 hours 14 min ago

Sen. John McCain says he doesn't regret calling protestors "lowlife scum" at a hearing and they are "terrible people" for threatening a 91-year old man.

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McCain: No one better than Graham for the country

8 hours 26 min ago

Sen. John McCain on his support of Lindsey Graham making a 2016 presidential run.

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McCain: WH relationship with Israel is a tragedy

8 hours 30 min ago

Sen. John McCain says the President's relationship with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is "the worst that I've ever seen in my lifetime."

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The Inside Politics Forecast

8 hours 33 min ago

The GOP's DHS dilemma, Rand's road trip, and Jeb Bush's post-Romney N.H. moves are just some of the topics in our 'Inside Politics' panel this week.

Categories: Video News

Battle for N.H: Jeb's post-Romney moves

8 hours 38 min ago

The NYT's Jonathan Martin looks at the upcoming battle for New Hampshire; CNN's John King discusses the ever-growing 2016 GOP field.

Categories: Video News

Obama's politics of confrontation

8 hours 47 min ago

The Inside Politics panel looks at the president's comments at the House Democratic retreat this week and his continuing work with Congress.

Categories: Video News

Who benefits with Romney out?

8 hours 47 min ago

The Inside Politics table looks at which GOP candidate may benefit the most with Romney out of the picture.

Categories: Video News

Rand's road trip

8 hours 50 min ago

POLITICO's Mike Allen looks at the Kentucky senator's upcoming travel plans.

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Hong Kong protesters continue to rally for democracy

8 hours 53 min ago

CNN's David Molko reports on the latest demonstrations in the streets of Hong Kong and what they mean for the movement for democracy.

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McCain: Palin would be an asset in 2016

8 hours 59 min ago

Sen. John McCain on his former running mate Sarah Palin.

Categories: Video News

McCain: I thought Romney was going to run

9 hours 21 min ago

Sen. John McCain says he was surprised by Mitt Romney's decision not to run in 2016.

Categories: Video News

Bill Maher slams 'medieval' Saudi leaders

10 hours 4 min ago

Bill Maher criticized Saudi Arabian leaders for refusing to shake Michelle Obama's hand while she and the President were there.

Categories: Video News

Peace talks collapse; Ukrainian village under bombardment

10 hours 17 min ago

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports from a small village in Eastern Ukraine that is under attack leaving civilians in the cross fire.

Categories: Video News

Millions brace for major winter storm

10 hours 43 min ago

65 million people are in the path for a major snow storm headed their way. CNN's Ryan Young reports from snow covered Chicago.

Categories: Video News

On GPS: Obama's book recommendation

11 hours 30 min ago

What book does President Obama recommend that Fareed and his viewers read?

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