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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

Trump spars with Graham, other GOP candidates

July 21, 2015 - 8:25pm

Nobody seems to be off-limits for Donald Trump, who continues to trade jabs with candidates from his own political party. CNN's Joe Johns reports.

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Apple stock made ordinary investors millionaires

July 21, 2015 - 8:06pm

CNN's Samuel Burke sits down with a couple who have made over a million dollars by investing early in Apple.

Categories: Video News

North Korea refuses nuclear talks

July 21, 2015 - 7:59pm

North Korea says it has no interest in following Iran's footsteps on nuclear talks. CNN's Kathy Novak reports.

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Teen's gun-firing drone triggers federal probe

July 21, 2015 - 7:15pm

Federal authorities are investigating a gun-carrying drone that was built by a teenager. CNN's Rene Marsh has more.

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What you should know about police body-worn cameras

July 21, 2015 - 7:15pm

Despite promising results from pilot projects, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of police body-worn cameras. Sunny Hostin explores the debates surrounding this new angle on policing.

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Eurostar reports record passenger numbers

July 21, 2015 - 7:09pm

Eurostar CEO Nicolas Petrovic reports record passenger numbers over the past several months even through striking ferry workers.

Categories: Video News

Trump mocks 2016 opponents, discloses Graham's number

July 21, 2015 - 7:00pm

Donald Trump did not hold back, yet again, in a speech mocking his opponents and critics.

Categories: Video News

Woman helps rescue toddler from hot car

July 21, 2015 - 6:58pm

Susan Oropeza describes her efforts to try to break a window and rescue a young girl locked inside a hot car.

Categories: Video News

Kim Jong Un regime: We're not Iran

July 21, 2015 - 6:51pm

CNN's Brian Todd reports on North Korea's refusal to engage in nuclear talks with the U.S., as Iran did.

Categories: Video News

U.S. admits little progress in swaying foes of nuke deal

July 21, 2015 - 6:47pm

The Obama administration is attempting to sell the world on the Iran nuclear deal, but they are facing pushback. CNN's Elise Labott reports.

Categories: Video News

Toshiba CEO quits over $1.2 billion accounting scandal

July 21, 2015 - 6:32pm

Toshiba's chief executive and president Hisao Tanaka resigned Tuesday over an accounting scandal that has rocked the company. CNN's Andrew Stevens explains.

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U.S. airstrikes blast ISIS walls

July 21, 2015 - 6:29pm

Recent U.S. airstrikes have targeted walls that are erected around areas like command centers and buildings ISIS wants to keep secure. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

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Have you ever seen a jumbo jet retirement home?

July 21, 2015 - 6:25pm

Hundreds of commercial airliners currently sit on the tarmac at a former Air Force base in Roswell, New Mexico but none of them will ever fly again. CNN affiliate KOAT has the story.

Categories: Video News

UK human trafficking numbers are shocking

July 21, 2015 - 6:24pm

Kevin Hyland, the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner says the number of human slaves around the globe is shocking

Categories: Video News

Trump once considered himself a Democrat

July 21, 2015 - 6:18pm

He also thought Hillary would do "a very good job" working out a deal with Iran.

Categories: Video News

Huckabee: I'd revoke nuke deal, restore sanctions

July 21, 2015 - 6:17pm

Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee joined Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room to discuss the recent Iran nuclear deal.

Categories: Video News

Female genital mutilation still rampant here ...

July 21, 2015 - 6:02pm

Nearly 4,000 cases of female genital mutilation have been found since September 2014 by Britain's National Health Service. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.

Categories: Video News

Jail cell hanging investigated as murder

July 21, 2015 - 5:51pm

Murder has been not ruled out in the jail cell hanging of 28-year-old Sandra Bland. CNN's Ryan Young reports.

Categories: Video News

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton's 'extreme' views

July 21, 2015 - 5:49pm

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on CNN.

Categories: Video News

Donald Trump unbowed by barrage of criticism

July 21, 2015 - 5:31pm

Donald Trump surges to biggest lead yet in GOP race in new poll. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

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