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Updated: 1 hour 22 min ago

'The cross is an instrument of capital punishment'

March 23, 2015 - 6:20pm

This episode of "Finding Jesus" details the way the cross shifted from being an instrument of capital punishment to becoming the primary symbol of Christ

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Bar owner says UVA student did not seem intoxicated

March 23, 2015 - 6:18pm

New accounts of the incident at UVA that left Martese Johnson bloodied, raises new questions. Brian Todd reports.

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Amid nuke talks, Ayatollah says 'death to America'

March 23, 2015 - 6:05pm

There are more doubts about a nuclear deal after Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemns America over imposed sanctions. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

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CNN Student News - 03/24/15

March 23, 2015 - 5:59pm

The 2016 U.S. presidential campaign season kicks off, we look at the issue of modern-day slavery, and we explore a tire concept that could be charging ahead.

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Vin Diesel remembers Paul Walker in a very special way

March 23, 2015 - 5:43pm

"Beautiful" heading from Broadway to theaters, Jerry Lewis honored, and Vin Diesel remembers Paul Walker in a very special way

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Remains found in Alaska consistent with missing family

March 23, 2015 - 5:39pm

Human remains found in southern Alaska are likely a family of four who went missing last May.

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Could U.S.'s sweet tooth save Cuban sugar industry?

March 23, 2015 - 5:28pm

Experts say Cuba's flagging sugar industry could be ripe for revitalization through outside investment. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

Categories: Video News

Should TSA officers be armed?

March 23, 2015 - 5:19pm

Should TSA officers be armed? CNN's Rene Marsh takes a look.

Categories: Video News

Is Ted Cruz running to win, or running to run?

March 23, 2015 - 5:18pm

The junior senator running to or running to run? Our politics panel weighs in.

Categories: Video News

Pope performs miracle, gets takeout

March 23, 2015 - 5:14pm

The Pope had a better weekend than you did. CNN's John Berman reports.

Categories: Video News

SCOTUS takes on confederate license plates

March 23, 2015 - 5:11pm

One group in Texas is requesting a controversial license plate.

Categories: Video News

Sen. Cruz announces 2016 presidential run

March 23, 2015 - 5:09pm

Sen. Ted Cruz announces he will run for president in 2016. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

Categories: Video News

Fighting Sexual Violence in India

March 23, 2015 - 5:02pm

Woman rights activist, Kiran Bedi, discusses fighting sexual violence in India.

Categories: Video News

Police: 'No evidence' on Rolling Stone account

March 23, 2015 - 5:02pm

Charlottesville Police say they found no evidence supporting the Rolling Stone account of UVA rape allegations thus "suspending" but not closing the case.

Categories: Video News

Why the delay in Bowe Bergdahl disciplinary decision?

March 23, 2015 - 4:56pm

CNN's Ed Lavandera explains what disciplinary actions Bowe Bergdahl could be facing.

Categories: Video News

Entrevista a Natalia Lafourcade

March 23, 2015 - 4:47pm

La cantante mexicana habla de la música y su nuevo sencillo ¨Nunca es suficiente¨

Categories: Video News

El Bumper Crash Guard Rhinoshield

March 23, 2015 - 4:46pm

Luis González y González nos explica la practicabilidad del protector para el cuerpo y la pantalla del celular

Categories: Video News

La energía en America Latina

March 23, 2015 - 4:45pm

El potencial y las asignaturas pendientes. Una entrevista con Ariel Yepez, execonomista senior del Banco Mundial

Categories: Video News

Benjamín Netanyahu y el futuro de Israel

March 23, 2015 - 4:44pm

El analista Pedro Brieger analiza las recientes elecciones en Israel

Categories: Video News

Moderates fight off far right in French elections

March 23, 2015 - 4:37pm

The Socialist party didn't do as badly as was predicted ahead of weekend elections in France. CNN's Jim Bittermann reports.

Categories: Video News

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