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Updated: 1 hour 31 min ago

Electric power over petrol and pistons?

September 11, 2014 - 9:30am

Former F1 driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen takes us behind the scenes of Formula E ahead of its Beijing launch.

Categories: Video News

Surfers' paradise

September 11, 2014 - 9:17am

Legendary Indonesian surfer Rizal Tanjung shows us where he first fell in love with the waves.

Categories: Video News

Sport draws attention to wounded soldiers

September 11, 2014 - 9:13am

CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Gillian Tett, of the Financial Times, about the Inivctus Games.

Categories: Video News

Fusion power mimics the sun

September 11, 2014 - 9:06am

Scientists are attempting to harness the power of a star by mirroring how the sun produces heat and light. CNN's Nick Glass reports.

Categories: Video News

2012: Kiel on success of James Bond

September 11, 2014 - 9:04am

Actor Richard Kiel, who played "Jaws" in the James Bond films, reflects on the success of the movies in a 2012 interview.

Categories: Video News

Bat terrorizes news anchors

September 11, 2014 - 8:52am

A bat surprised morning show anchors at CNN affiliate WATE when it dive-bombed near them on live television.

Categories: Video News

Ravens owner admits assumptions were made

September 11, 2014 - 8:38am

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti admits he didn't handle the Ray Rice situation properly.

Categories: Video News

Parting Shots: Over the sea to Skye

September 11, 2014 - 8:28am

Ahead of Scotland's crucial independence referendum, CTW's Scottish producer Nicol Nicolson heads back to his roots.

Categories: Video News

ISIS: Rubio would vote yes on force

September 11, 2014 - 8:15am

Republican Senator Marco Rubio says he would vote to authorize the use of force against ISIS.

Categories: Video News

The mellow side of Bali

September 11, 2014 - 8:02am

Artist Natisa Jones travels to Sanur and tries the famous pig dish babi guling.

Categories: Video News

Bali's best beach club

September 11, 2014 - 7:41am

Eyewear designer Suki enjoys cocktails at the Potato Head beach club -- a popular place with Bali's in crowd.

Categories: Video News

iPod Classic meets its end

September 11, 2014 - 6:42am

Kristie Lu Stout says goodbye to the gadget that sparked Apple's "iCraze".

Categories: Video News

Judge rejects premeditated murder charge

September 11, 2014 - 6:36am

Judge Masipa says the state has not proven that Oscar Pistorius is guilty of premeditated murder.

Categories: Video News

Obama: 475 more service members to Iraq

September 11, 2014 - 5:25am

In a nationally televised address, President Obama announces more military advisers will be sent to Iraq.

Categories: Video News

Does the NFL overlook domestic abuse?

September 11, 2014 - 2:24am

Jean Casarez takes a look at the prevalence of domestic violence in the NFL and how the league has failed to address it.

Categories: Video News

Does the NFL overlook domestic abuse?

September 11, 2014 - 2:12am

Jean Casarez takes a look at the prevalence of domestic violence in the NFL and how the league has failed to address it.

Categories: Video News

Obama: 'We will degrade & destroy ISIS'

September 11, 2014 - 1:49am

President Obama outlines his four-part strategy to eradicate ISIS.

Categories: Video News

Kendall Jenner roars on the runway

September 11, 2014 - 12:52am

Kendall Jenner started as the sister of a reality star, but she's finding her own on the runways as a model to watch.

Categories: Video News

Brown lawyer: 'I had not seen the video'

September 11, 2014 - 12:43am

Family attorney Anthony Gray and Jeffrey Toobin react to video of bystanders reacting to Michael Brown's shooting death

Categories: Video News

Friend of Ray Rice gives her opinion

September 11, 2014 - 12:25am

Mioshi Johnson, a friend of Ray and Janay Rice, gives her inside perspective on the situation.

Categories: Video News

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