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Updated: 49 min 9 sec ago

Sweet taste of success

April 8, 2015 - 10:44pm

Former actress Beatrice Tsang found more joy and job satisfaction with a bakery in Beverly Hills than Hollywood.

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Soñadores en suspenso

April 8, 2015 - 10:15pm

El juez federal en Texas reconfirmó su decisión de bloquear la orden ejecutiva del presidente Obama para beneficiar a inmigrantes.

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Life or death for Boston bomber?

April 8, 2015 - 10:10pm

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of all 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombing and may face the death penalty. CNN's Jason Carroll reports.

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Scott's brother: I never believed there was a struggle

April 8, 2015 - 10:05pm

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Anthony Scott about the fatal shooting of his brother, Walter Scott by a South Carolina police officer.

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Brutalidad policial en video

April 8, 2015 - 9:50pm

A diferencia de otros casos de muertes de ciudadanos negros a manos de la policía, esta vez Michael Slager ha sido acusado de homicidio en apenas 48 horas.

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Who filmed Walter Scott video?

April 8, 2015 - 9:48pm

Who is the man behind the cell phone video that captures a North Charleston police officer on tape, shooting and killing Walter Scott? CNN's Jason Carroll reports.

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Walter Scott's mom: I feel forgiveness in my heart

April 8, 2015 - 9:11pm

CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke with Walter Scott's mother, Judy Scott, about her son being fatally shot by a South Carolina police officer.

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Frame-by-frame analysis of the Walter Scott shooting

April 8, 2015 - 9:05pm

CNN's Randi Kaye takes a close look at the Walter Scott shooting video to see if anything new can be gleaned.

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Walter Scott's brother: 'We want peace'

April 8, 2015 - 9:01pm

CNN's Jim Scuitto speaks with Anthony Scott about the fatal shooting of his brother, Walter Scott by a South Carolina police officer.

Categories: Video News

Video shows officer Slager debriefed at crime scene

April 8, 2015 - 8:34pm

Video shows police officer Michael Slager debriefed at the crime scene after shooting and killing unarmed African-American Walter Scott.

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Walter Scott remembered as 'outgoing'

April 8, 2015 - 8:17pm

Walter Scott life is remembered by his family and friends. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

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"El equilibrio" de Santiago Cruz

April 7, 2015 - 5:22pm

El cantante colombiano presenta su nueva producción discográfica, que revela es producto de la búsqueda de su equilibrio personal y laboral.

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New book reveals intimate White House secrets

April 7, 2015 - 5:21pm

CNN's Brianna Keilar takes a look at a new book that spills the most intimate presidential moments witnessed by staffers and insiders.

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How vulnerable is Washington's power grid?

April 7, 2015 - 5:18pm

FBI former executive assistant director Shawn Henry, now president of Crowdstrike, weighs in.

Categories: Video News

The Postal Service's Maya Angelou mistake!

April 7, 2015 - 5:13pm

James Taylor back in the studio, "American Pie" lyrics sell for $1.2M, and the Maya Angelou stamp mistake!

Categories: Video News

Sen. Rand Paul running for president

April 7, 2015 - 4:26pm

Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky announced he will run for president in 2016. CNN's Dana Bash has more.

Categories: Video News

Dallara on Greek economy ahead of IMF deadline

April 7, 2015 - 4:03pm

Charles Dallara from the Partners Group tells CNN's Maggie Lake he's not convinced Greece's current strategy is going to be productive.

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'American Pie' lyrics sell for $1.2 million

April 7, 2015 - 4:02pm

The manuscript for Don McLean's legendary song "American Pie" have sold at auction for $1.2m. CNN's Richard Quest and Hala Gorani take a crack at interpreting the lyrics.

Categories: Video News

Aaron Hernandez's fate now in the hands of jury

April 7, 2015 - 3:51pm

The Aaron Hernandez case is now in the jury's hands. The former NFL player is on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd. CNN's Susan Candiotti reports.

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April 7, 2015 - 3:48pm

Can we undo decades of damage in the Everglades? Bill Weir explores change right here in the U.S.- Sunday at 10p ET/PT

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