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'We'd like the change to sit down and talk'

CNN Video - 2 hours 39 min ago

Sara Bajc, partner of an American on Flight 370, wants more answers from the Malaysian government.

Categories: Video News

Husband: 'We think that they're lying'

CNN Video - 2 hours 41 min ago

Pralhad Shirsath's wife was on Flight 370; he says he wants answers about the plane.

Categories: Video News

102-year-old gets to top of Sears tower

CNN Video - 2 hours 42 min ago

Willie Tillman, 102, crosses an item off her bucket list.

Categories: Video News

DUSA- Superbacteria

CNN Video - 2 hours 50 min ago

El Dr. César Arias de la Universidad de Texas encabeza equipo que identifcó una nueva "Superbacteria" en Brasil

Categories: Video News

Kabul hospital treats all sides

CNN Video - 2 hours 58 min ago

CNN's Anna Coren spends the day at a hospital in Kabul showing us the difficulties doctors face every day.

Categories: Video News

Facebook a big player in mobile payment

CNNMoney Top Business Stories - 3 hours 11 min ago

A new move in Ireland to issue electronic currency positions Facebook to become a major player in mobile payments and money transfers.

Categories: Business News

Pope makes news with another phone call

CNN Video - 3 hours 11 min ago

Pope Francis reportedly called an Argentinian woman, married to a divorced man, to tell her she could receive Communion.

Categories: Video News

Syrian children perform Shakespeare

CNN Video - 3 hours 13 min ago

Syrian children in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday with a performance of King Lear.

Categories: Video News

What Apple analysts are saying

CNNMoney Top Business Stories - 3 hours 22 min ago

They're not telling clients that they completely underestimated the tech giant this quarter.

Categories: Business News

The world's largest democratic election

CNN Video - 3 hours 41 min ago

CNN's Paula Newton, in for Christiane Amanpour, speaks with Economist Jayati Ghosh about India's election.

Categories: Video News

Beyond boundaries of maids & mistresses

CNN Video - 3 hours 41 min ago

In this photo essay, photographer Jannatul Mawa sits the "haves" and the "have-nots" of South Asia down together.

Categories: Video News

Chicago violence spurs calls for action

CNN Video - 3 hours 56 min ago

A series of violent crimes has Chicago leaders calling for action. CNN's George Howell explains.

Categories: Video News

Ukraine erupts into fresh violence

CNN Video - 4 hours 44 min ago

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry says five pro-Russian militants have been killed near the town of Slavyansk.

Categories: Video News

These people survived crazy cold too

CNN Video - 4 hours 48 min ago

Dr. John Boockvar walks us through the differences in other times stowaways have survived hiding on planes.

Categories: Video News

State spokesperson gets Clinton redo

CNN Video - 4 hours 48 min ago

John King, Julianna Goldman and Peter Hamby discuss Jen Psaki's correction about Hillary's term as Secretary of State.

Categories: Video News

Doctors save woman by slowly warming her

CNN Video - 4 hours 49 min ago

Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares an example where a woman survives an accident in frigid temperatures.

Categories: Video News

The rise of rugby sevens in Hong Kong

CNN Video - 4 hours 55 min ago

Hong Kong has played a key role in the rise of rugby sevens. CNN's Christina Macfarlane investigates.

Categories: Video News

Dressing up Hong Kong-style

CNN Video - 4 hours 56 min ago

Standing out is a key part of the Hong Kong Sevens. CNN's Christina Macfarlane meets rugby fans hunting for the perfect costume.

Categories: Video News

Obama kicks soccer ball with robot

CNN Video - 4 hours 58 min ago

John King and the New Day team on Obama's soccer skills, showcased while playing with a Honda robot in Tokyo, Japan.

Categories: Video News

Buffett not sure on minimum wage

CNN Video - 4 hours 58 min ago

John King, Julianna Goldman & Peter Hamby on whether Buffet might help the president with regard to min. wage debate.

Categories: Video News

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