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Have $150? You could win this house

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:49pm

CNN affiliate KTRK has the story of a man who is selling his family's house through an essay contest with a $150 entry fee.

Categories: Video News

Friend of engineer: 'My heart is really broken for him'

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:43pm

Stefanie McGee, a friend of engineer Brandon Bostian, joins Don Lemon to share details of the man at the center of the Amtrak 188 crash investigation

Categories: Video News

Cisco faces competition from rivals

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:41pm

Chris Dedicoat of Cisco Systems discusses how the firm plans to stay ahead of the competition.

Categories: Video News

Gupta: Amtrak engineer may have form of amnesia

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:15pm

Sanjay Gupta joins Don Lemon to offer insights into the legitimacy of the symptoms facing engineer Brandon Bostian following the crash of Amtrak train 188

Categories: Video News

How safe is train travel?

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:12pm

CNN's Dan Simon takes a closer look at recent train derailments and whether or not traveling by train is safe.

Categories: Video News

NTSB: Amtrak 188 investigation could take 12 months

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:09pm

NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt joins Don Lemon to share the status of the investigation into the Amtrak crash that claimed eight lives

Categories: Video News

Nutter: Engineer needs to answer a lot of questions

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:06pm

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter says that soon after the Amtrak crash, the train's engineer spent a long period of time with investigators but did not cooperate.

Categories: Video News

Intesa to expand after profits surge

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:03pm

CNN's Nina Dos Santos talks with Intesa CEO Carlo Messina about the recent strong performance.

Categories: Video News

NTSB: Amtrak engineer has agreed to be interviewed

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 11:01pm

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks with Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board about the Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia.

Categories: Video News

Laura Flores: "No me casé enamorada"

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 10:53pm

La actriz, cantante y presentadora mexicana revela que pesar de sus fracasos en el amor, hoy está comprometida y mostró su anillo a Cala.

Categories: Video News

Bebé en China sobrevive entierro de 10 días

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 10:47pm

Su familia decidió abandonarlo porque tenía un defecto congénito y había nacido con un labio leporino, en una localidad del sur de China.

Categories: Video News

Atty.: Amtrak engineer has 'no recollection' of crash

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 10:43pm

Jason Carroll reports the NTSB wants to speak with the train's engineer, who says he has no "recollection whatsoever."

Categories: Video News

Netanyahu logra la aprobación del Parlamento

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 10:20pm

Aunque por un estrecho margen, el primer ministro israelí, Benjamín Netanyahu, consiguió en el parlamento la aprobación de su nuevo gabinete.

Categories: Video News

Baby beluga whale born at Georgia Aquarium

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 9:58pm

The Georgia Aquarium welcomes a beluga whale calf. Her mother, Maris, gave birth to her on Mother's Day.

Categories: Video News

Passenger was on the phone during train crash

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 9:41pm

An Amtrak train passenger was on the phone when disaster struck on the rails and the train derailed. CNN's Gary Tuchman has the details.

Categories: Video News

Jeb Bush: I would not have gone into Iraq

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 9:28pm

Potential GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush clarifies his earlier statements on whether he would have invaded Iraq as president. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

Categories: Video News

NTSB improvements aimed at avoiding 'bomb trains'

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 9:26pm

CNN's Drew Griffin reports on the NTSB's efforts to mitigate issues that could cause trains loaded with oil to explode into deadly infernos.

Categories: Video News

Filadelfia: Una cámara registró la explosión del tren

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 9:00pm

Aumentó a ocho el número de muertos en el accidente del tren que se decarriló en Filadelfia.

Categories: Video News

You won't believe this woman's Mother's Day surprise

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 8:50pm

CNN affiliate KTXL has the story of a woman who went to the hospital on Mother's Day and was surprised to find out she was having a baby.

Categories: Video News

No sign of missing U.S. chopper in Nepal

CNN Video - May 14, 2015 - 8:33pm

Search for the missing U.S. helicopter in Nepal continues with no end in sight. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

Categories: Video News


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