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Entrepreneur of the Month – March 2016

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Created on March 3, 2016

In January 2016, we kicked off a new campaign called Entrepreneur of the Month, which allows MBDA audiences to meet creative business owners and executives who have leveraged MBDA’s programs and services in unique ways to foster growth. At MBDA, our core mission is infused with the energy and vision of minority business entrepreneurs. In highlighting those who exemplify passion, innovation, and determination, we hope to inspire business owners of today and tomorrow.

Don ShinMBDA is proud to announce Don Shin of CrossComm Inc. as the March Entrepreneur of the Month. CrossComm Inc. is a mobile and web app development studio helping large and small organizations achieve their digital aspirations. With offices in Durham, NC, and Austin, TX, CrossComm designs and develops custom iPhone, Android, and web applications for its clients.

Don harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit as an undergraduate at Duke University by leveraging a fervent interest in computers, specifically human-computer interaction and multimedia user interfaces. In simpler terms, he wanted to explore the convergence between computers, visual media, and music.

Enroll in SHOP Marketplace coverage: You may qualify for the SHOP Tax Credit

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Created on March 2, 2016

Small employers who enroll in SHOP coverage may be eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit worth up to 50% of their premium contribution.

Visit the SHOP Tax Credit Estimator on to find out more about the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. The SHOP Tax Credit Estimator can help you determine if your business may be eligible and show how much the tax credit may be worth to you.

Need Assistance?: Call the SHOP Call Center at 1-800-706-7893 (TTY:711) Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm ET or visit For in-person assistance, find a SHOP-registered agent or broker in your area.

MBDA and PowerMoves Miami Support Minority Entrepreneurs in Tech

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Ebony Mack and Nick Perkins, MBDA Office of Business Development
Created on February 29, 2016

African-Americans currently make up less than three percent of the nation's technology workforce. Seeking to increase the number of African-American and other ethnic minority technology executives, engineers, and business owners, the second annual Black Tech Week was held earlier this month, featuring PowerMoves Miami, a nonprofit incubator and training organization. 

Prior to the conference, PowerMoves Miami led a 6-week boot camp for 29 startup companies that focused on pitching to investors. The boot camp culminated with a Demo Day pitch competition. In addition to boot camp training and pitch competitions, the conference provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs of color to network and become part of the PowerMoves and Black Tech Week communities.

U.S. Consumer Goods and TPP: Supporting jobs and Economic Opportunities for Americans

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Created on February 19, 2016

With Valentine's Day a recent memory and the Groundhog predicting an early end to winter, the focus of the American public turns to consumer goods; items such as jewelry for your loved one, recreational vehicles, or sports gear for the summer.

It's no surprise that the world enjoys many of these items that are made in the United States, leather goods, contact lenses, footwear, sporting equipment and musical instruments are sought after across the world. In 2014, more than 10 states saw consumer goods exports to Asian countries exceed $50 million. These states were spread across the country. Both coasts, as well as the heartland were represented across the Asia-Pacific.

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