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Entrepreneur of the Month

  • Submitted on 09 August 2016

    Created on August 9, 2016

    Donald L. Mooney: Donald L. Mooney Enterprises dba NURSES Etc. STAFFINGDonald L. Mooney is the founder and CEO of Donald L. Mooney Enterprises, and is a quintessential selection for our August Entrepreneur of the Month. Donald L. Mooney Enterprises provides human capital resources and workforce solutions to the public and private sectors, and has built a roster of clients that includes the United States Army, Air Force, and Navy.

    Don comes from humble beginnings in Texas, where he was raised by his grandparents. He worked hard to obtain an appointment to the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point. Don entered the U.S. Army, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 22 years of service. In 1997, he started his second career, serving as Dean of Boys and Commander of Cadets at the high school from which he had graduated, San Marcos (Texas) Baptist Academy. By the year 2000, Don could no longer deny his entrepreneurial spirit. A conversation he had shared with the owner of a staffing company inspired him to start his own business. He had always loved working with people, gravitated toward the staffing business model, and found he could apply his knowledge as a former Operations Officer in the Army to that line of work. Don decided it was his time, and submitted three months’ notice to his alma mater. He had a desire to ignite generational wealth, and felt it was important to create a successful business for his grandchildren.

  • Submitted on 15 July 2016

    Created on July 15, 2016

    Barry Corona“I’ve always had the drive to be an entrepreneur… Of course, getting here was not easy,” said Barry Corona, the Co-Founder & President of Production Products Manufacturing & Sales Co. Inc., and the Minority Business Development Agency’s (MBDA) July Entrepreneur of the Month. Corona truly exudes the qualities of an entrepreneur and has recognized his capabilities, utilized his resources, and demonstrated an undeniable work ethic to build his company from the ground up. Production Products is a recognized manufacturing company that specializes in medical isolation and CBRN protection.

    Corona was raised in a conservative household that thrived on the premise of stability. His father grew up as a first-generation American during The Great Depression, and admirably quit school in sixth grade to get a job that was needed to help his family survive. As a result, having a job was always the goal in his childhood household—it represented survival and security—but he aspired for more.

  • Submitted on 10 June 2016

    Created on June 10, 2016

    Elliot ParkElliot Park is a second generation entrepreneur, who we are pleased to announce as the MBDA June Entrepreneur of the Month.  Mr. Park is the CEO of Shine Electronics Co., Inc., which is a wireless telecommunication industry leader that specializes in the reverse logistics of wireless and cell phone products. 

    Shine Electronics was founded by Park’s father, Kyu H. Park, in 1974 as a service center that provided high-quality, quick-turn, repairs and refurbishments of costly electronic products to companies, such as Motorola, LG Corporation and U.S. Cellular.  In 2014, the company identified a niche in the marketplace for the refurbishment of pre-owned mobile and electronic products, and honed in on the need for devices in emerging countries.

  • Submitted on 13 May 2016

    Created on May 13, 2016

    Archie WilliamsonThis month, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is proud to introduce Archie Williamson, founder and managing director of Diversified Systems, Inc. (DSI), as the May Entrepreneur of the Month. Archie truly exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, having launched his management consulting firm more than 25 years ago with just $3,000 and a credit card. Today, DSI provides services in 10 states and the District of Columbia, with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

    Archie’s journey as an entrepreneur began at the age of 10 where he delivered newspapers and cut neighbors’ lawns. At a young age, Archie felt compelled to serve others. As he progressed and acquired new skills in the field of consulting, Archie realized he wanted to create something of his own, as well as create opportunities for talented and hardworking people — two things he could not attain working in a corporate environment. When Archie approached his former company about the possibility of venturing into the public sector, they wanted nothing to do with that market.

    Just last year, DSI acquired that company’s contracts and its employees.

  • Submitted on 06 April 2016

    Created on April 6, 2016

    Ron Shahani, Acro Service CorporationWe’re proud to announce the April 2016 Entrepreneur of the Month: Ron Shahani, president of Acro Service Corporation. Acro is one of the nation’s largest certified minority business enterprises, providing high-quality personnel and services to organizations of all sizes and industries, including BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Toyota, Ford, NASA, State of New Jersey and many others.

    Since opening its doors in 1982, Acro identifies workforce management solutions in information technology (IT), engineering, technical, design, manufacturing, light industrial and other areas. With its global headquarters based in the Detroit, Michigan area, Acro operates 33 offices across the U.S. and six international offices in Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and India.

    Building a business was always at the forefront of Ron’s mind. The inspiration to become his own boss began when he was an undergraduate student in business school, observing families of friends who ran their own businesses.

    “I was struck by the awesome fact that they, and not anyone else, created the work culture in their enterprises, and they were solely in control of their destinies,” said Ron. “I got to see firsthand the connection between working hard and smart to capitalize on opportunities, while minimizing inevitable risks and seeing the rewards of such hard work.”

  • Submitted on 03 March 2016

    Created on March 3, 2016

    In January 2016, we kicked off a new campaign called Entrepreneur of the Month, which allows MBDA audiences to meet creative business owners and executives who have leveraged MBDA’s programs and services in unique ways to foster growth. At MBDA, our core mission is infused with the energy and vision of minority business entrepreneurs. In highlighting those who exemplify passion, innovation, and determination, we hope to inspire business owners of today and tomorrow.

    Don ShinMBDA is proud to announce Don Shin of CrossComm Inc. as the March Entrepreneur of the Month. CrossComm Inc. is a mobile and web app development studio helping large and small organizations achieve their digital aspirations. With offices in Durham, NC, and Austin, TX, CrossComm designs and develops custom iPhone, Android, and web applications for its clients.

    Don harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit as an undergraduate at Duke University by leveraging a fervent interest in computers, specifically human-computer interaction and multimedia user interfaces. In simpler terms, he wanted to explore the convergence between computers, visual media, and music.

  • Submitted on 08 February 2016

    Created on February 8, 2016

    Patricia WattsIn January 2016, we kicked off a new campaign called Entrepreneur of the Month, which allows MBDA audiences to meet creative business owners and executives who have leveraged MBDA’s programs and services in unique ways to foster growth. At MBDA, our core mission is infused with the energy and vision of minority business entrepreneurs, and in highlighting those who exemplify passion, innovation, and determination, we hope to inspire business owners of today and tomorrow.  

    MBDA is proud to announce Patricia Watts of FCI Management as the February Entrepreneur of the Month. Her company, FCI Management,is a full service energy services company offering strategic energy solutions for corporate, residential, commercial and industrial clients, public and private school, universities, and government and municipal agencies.

    Based in greater Los Angeles, FCI Management supports major contracts in the Southern California region and nationally since its inception in 1998.

  • Submitted on 08 January 2016

    Created on January 8, 2016

    Elise Hernandez, President of Ideal Systems Solutions Inc.

    Elise HernandezThis January, we are kicking off a new campaign, Entrepreneur of the Month, which features a minority business owner who exemplifies innovation, passion, and a commitment to success. Each of these entrepreneurs has leveraged MBDA programs and services in a unique way to foster growth within his or her companies. In sharing success stories of minority business owners, we hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue their professional dreams.

    Our first Entrepreneur of the Month is Elise Hernandez, President of Ideal System Solutions Inc. (Ideal) and recipient of the MBDA 2015 Minority Business Enterprise of the Year award. Ideal is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a leading technology solutions provider to federal, commercial and academic organizations nationwide. Ideal’s technology portfolio consists of storage and data centers, networking and mobility, servers and desktops, integrated communications and managed and cloud solutions. 

    Today, the company boasts 32 employees and a recognized list of leading manufacturer partners including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, CISCO, Avaya, Oracle, Microsoft and Dell.

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