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Financial and Legal Considerations when Exporting to Mexico

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Event Date and Time: 
01/18/2011 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

U.S. exporters should be aware that Mexican lending rates are significantly higher than in the U.S., ranging from 15 - 20% per year. Requiring payment either by Confirmed Letter of Credit or Cash In Advance can cost U.S. exporters sales opportunities. While favorable payment terms are important, U.S. companies should consider all financing options available in order to be as competitive as possible.

Gain knowledge of the export financing resources, tax, accounting, and legal considerations needed before selling to Mexico. Experts in this areas from the US and Mexico will be presenting:

  • The Mexican legal system differs in many significant ways from the U.S. system.
  • More than ever, U.S. exporters are advised to be cautious and seek counsel when negotiating contracts in Mexico. Once negotiated, be prepared for the unexpected.
  • It can be difficult to collect from Mexican buyers in cases of non-payment. It is often necessary to travel to Mexico to meet with the buyer.
  • There are no controls on the transfer of U.S. dollars into and out of Mexico. This means that profits can be repatriated freely.

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