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Who is MBDA?

  • Submitted on 06 December 2013


    MBDA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes the growth of minority-owned business through the mobilization and advancement of public and private sector programs, policy, and research.

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    We work throughout the Nation to link minority-owned businesses with the capital, contracts, and markets they need to grow. We advocate and promote minority-owned business with elected officials, policy makers, and business leaders. Serving as subject matter experts and advocates for the minority business community, we conduct high quality research and cultivate domestic and international relationships.

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    Through a national network of  MBDA Business Centers and a wide range of domestic and international strategic partners, we provide Agency clients with technical assistance and access to capital, contract, and new markets opportunities to create new jobs.

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    Grow your business. Build the Nation.

    US MapOur programs and services better equip minority-owned firms to create jobs, build scale and capacity, increase revenues, and expand regionally, nationally, and internationally.

    MBDA provides increased visibility and access for minority-owned firms by partnering with multi-national corporations, and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

    Through our network of MBDA Business Centers we provide customized business development solutions designed to Grow your business. Build the Nation.

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    Our clients are businesses owned by African Americans, Asian Americans, Hasidic Jews, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

    These companies are fast-growing, innovative, and represented in every industry sector in the United States.

    Minority-owned firms contribute over $1.4 trillion in annual economic output to the U.S. economy and directly account for 7.2 million U.S. jobs.


    Global Capabilities

    World Map

    The value of minority-owned businesses as a key component in international trade has never been greater. They have favorable export attributes and represent the future of export growth.

    Minority-owned  businesses have a competitive advantage in exporting. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and other statistical data, they are twice as likely to export as non-minority companies, three times as likely to have international operations, six times as likely to transact business in a language other than English, and are export leaders in 14 key industry sectors.

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    We're passionate about our work to strengthen our global competitiveness and improve the standard of living for all Americans. We strive to ensure that minority-owned firms are fully participating in the free enterprise system to fuel our Nation with new and innovative solutions.

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    We are committed to supporting the President's goal of making this the most transparent administration in history. We release an annual performance report detailing Agency performance, yearly budget request and long term strategic plans.

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    About the U.S. Department of Commerce

    The U.S. Department of Commerce promotes job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved standards of living for all Americans by working in partnership with businesses, universities, communities and our nation’s workers. The department touches the daily lives of the American people in many ways, with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of trade, economic development, technology, entrepreneurship and business development, environmental stewardship, and statistical research and analysis.

    Notable MBDA Policies

  • Submitted on 08 November 2010

    Download MinorityBiz Fast FactsOur Mission is to Keep America Competitive

    MBDA fosters the growth and global competitiveness of U.S. businesses that are minority-owned. MBDA is building minority-owned firms of size, scale and capacity. More than 6,000 new jobs were created and thousands more were retained by minority firms in 2010 as a result of MBDA’s programs and services.

    Serving Minority Businesses Since 1969

    MBDA is the only federal agency dedicated to creating minority firms of size, scale and capacity. In 2010, MBDA helped minority firms access nearly $4.0 billion in contracts and capital.

    Creating a New Generation of Multi-Million Dollar Firms

    MBDA serves minority entrepreneurs across America who are building and growing their enterprises and those in the high growth or new frontier industries. In doing so, minority-owned firms are better equipped to create jobs, impact local economies by contributing to the tax base, and compete successfully in domestic and global marketplaces.

  • Submitted on 08 November 2010

    Reduce Unemployment

    • More than 3,000 jobs were created by MBDA in FY 2009

    • The average investment per job created is $3,968

    • These jobs have an average salary of $30,000 per year

    Create Competitive Businesses

    • Each MBDA center secures an average of $49 M worth of contracts for minority firms; and our high performing centers secure more than $100 M worth of contracts

    • MBDA is focused on increasing annual revenues for minority businesses from an average of less than $200,000 to more than $1 million

  • Submitted on 20 July 2010

    Stimulating minority entrepreneurship and business ownership is in the strategic interest of the United States, particularly during economically challenging times. Evidence abounds that investments in minority business entrepreneurs can produce measurable results.

    We are committed to ensuring that the U.S. minority business enterprise community will be the source of our economic recovery efforts and a competitive advantage in the 21st century worldwide economy. Our network of leaders, are committed to helping others exceed their own expectations.

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  • Submitted on 19 July 2010

    The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. MBDA is the only federal agency created specifically to foster the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses in America.

    MBDA is an entrepreneurially focused organization committed to wealth creation in minority communities. To foster the growth and global competitiveness of U.S. businesses that are minority-owned.

About MBDA

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