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What MBDA Can Do for You!

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Reduce Unemployment

  • More than 3,000 jobs were created by MBDA in FY 2009

  • The average investment per job created is $3,968

  • These jobs have an average salary of $30,000 per year

Create Competitive Businesses

  • Each MBDA center secures an average of $49 M worth of contracts for minority firms; and our high performing centers secure more than $100 M worth of contracts

  • MBDA is focused on increasing annual revenues for minority businesses from an average of less than $200,000 to more than $1 million

  • MBDA is building the foundation that helps to close the gap between minority-owned firms and non-minority owned firms through the creation of  $100 million dollar minority-owned firms

Expand the Tax Base

  • Successful minority business contribute to federal, state and local treasuries through payroll taxes, property taxes, consumption taxes, among others

  • If minority owned firms were at economic parity, they would pay an estimated $100 billion in taxes that could fund 100% of the Head Start program, 100% of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program or 10% of the estimate cost to reform healthcare

Build Prosperity

  • Developing wealth in communities of color is the most effective means to secure personal and family well-being and reduce dependence on government services

  • Wealth creation provides an opportunity for more citizens to make philanthropic investments, engage in civic activities and increase retirement savings

Promote Economic Investments

  • Each MBDA center secures an average of $18.8 M worth of financial investment in minority firms; and our high performing centers secure more than $50 M worth of investment

  • Successful minority businesses generate demand for community benefits such as transportation, infrastructure improvements, affordable housing and quality education

  • Profitable minority firms increase economic activity within a community. These firms patronize local restaurants and grocery stores, buy goods from other local businesses, sell innovative products to consumers and bank with local financial institutions

Bring Global Businesses to the Community

  • Minority businesses are twice as likely to generate sales through exports compared to non-minority firms

  • MBDA promotes business-to-business partnerships between U.S. minority firms and firms in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe

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