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July 2011

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From the National Director Legislative Corner

David Hinson

For over 40 years, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) has facilitated job growth by fostering the development of minority-owned business here in the United States. Minority business enterprises (MBEs) create jobs in a variety of economic sectors, from manufacturing to hospitality services and everything in between.  

To ensure that our country remains competitive in the future, we must ensure that minority-owned businesses are providing the jobs of the future. That’s why MBDA works to help minority-owned businesses participate in some of our fastest growing sectors including high-tech, healthcare IT, and green energy.

Advancements in technology and new developments in information technology bring more opportunities in the tech sector. As healthcare providers improve and update the way they store and share medical records, there will be growing jobs in healthcare IT. Finally, as we transition from fossil fuels to cleaner modes of energy production, there will be more and more opportunities in the green, renewable energy solutions our children and grandchildren will come to rely on.

These jobs may be updating our electrical grid, maintaining infrastructure, or manufacturing new materials, such as solar panels.

In fact, some minority-owned firms are already leading the way. In this month’s newsletter we feature a success story from an MBDA client and Native American-owned firm that constructs solar panels Sacred Power, Inc.

Sacred Power is the largest Native-American-owned renewable energy company in the U.S., and has received numerous contracts to build and install self-sustaining solar electricity systems for homes without power in remote areas of the Navajo Nation. In providing renewable electricity to its customers, Sacred Power is providing the jobs of the future.

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Legislative Corner

During the First Session of the 112th Congress, Members introduced various bills designed to help spur job creation, particularly in emerging industries such as technology and green energy. Below are some examples of legislation and their sponsors introduced to date:

  • H.R. 72 New Jobs for America Act
  • H.R. 133 Creating Jobs from Innovative Small Businesses Act
  • H.R. 2632 Life Sciences Jobs and Investment Act of 2011
  • S. 21 Cyber Security and American Cyber Competitiveness Act
  • S. 155 Domestic Jobs Innovation Bonus Act

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Upcoming Events

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MED Week 2011 - September 27 - 30, 2011
Join thousands of minority-owned firms across a variety of industries as they converge upon Washington, DC to connect with public and private sector buyers, explore avenues for business expansion, and develop thriving partnerships with firms across multiple industry sectors.  Conference highlights includes:

  • CEO  Fireside Chat
  • MED Week 2011Industry Focus Sessions: Manufacturing, Construction & Green Economy
  • Business Matchmaking and Expo
  • Mastering the Global Supply Chain: Minority Business Success
  • Policy Briefs on Small and Minority Business
  • White House Minority Business Town Hall
  • Global Business to Business Receptions
  • MED Week Awards Gala

Visit the MED Week website for more information.

MBDA and Sacred Power Corp. – Creating Jobs of the Future
David Melton of Sacred PowerRenewable energy is one of the nation’s fastest growing business sectors, and MBDA has helped Sacred Power Corporation expand its reach, stimulate the local economy, and create jobs for a diverse population including Native-American workers.

“MBDA has always assisted us. They’ve helped with marketing the proposals that we bidded on, finding funding and bonding since we are half manufacturing and construction. MBDA has helped us all along our timeline of business development,” said Sacred Power CEO David Melton.  

Melton describes his work as more than just operating the company, but one that is changing lives while improving the environment. As a Lugana Tribal member, he brings electricity to isolated homes and facilities on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and across the nation in rural-remote areas, using wind turbines and photovoltaic modules.

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