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Press Room October 2011

MBDA Builds Partnerships to Help U.S. Firms Grow

Agreements signed at Annual National MED Week Conference

WASHINGTON D.C. (October 7, 2011)- The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) today announced that it entered into two separate Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) during the annual Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Conference held September 27-30, 2011.  An MOU was signed each with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) and Tremco Incorporated. These MOUs will give minority-owned businesses access to greater markets which will increase their ability to grow and create jobs.

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank Remarks at Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Conference

Friday, September 30, 2011

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank
Remarks at Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Conference

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca BlankThank you for the kind words, David [Hinson], and for your excellent leadership of the Minority Business Development Agency. Good morning, everyone. It’s an honor to be among so many talented entrepreneurs and business owners here for our 29th MED Week Conference. In my day job, before I was named Acting Secretary, I was the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs an economist who manages the Commerce Department’s two statistical agencies. Now, I know you all came this morning because you wanted to listen to an economist. But if you’ll indulge me for a moment, I want to talk to you about how our economy got to where it is today and what we need to be doing about it. 

It’s a story worth understanding.  And it’s a story in which we need more chapters written by businesses like yours.  According to our latest survey (Census Survey of Business Owners, 2002), in terms of both numbers and gross receipts, minority-owned firms have grown faster than other firms. For many Americans, I imagine it seemed like we were doing OK in this century’s first decade. In some respects we were. There were folks making a lot of money.

Acting Secretary Blank Addresses Minority-Owned Businesses about the Importance of the American Jobs Act

Acting Secretary Rebecca BlankActing Secretary Rebecca Blank addressed the 29th Annual Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference about the importance of Congress passing the American Jobs Act. Dr. Blank emphasized that the American Jobs Act will help a private sector in need of a little boost. It will create jobs. It will prevent the layoffs of teachers and first responders. And it will rebuild the roads, railways and airports that form the very backbone of Commerce. 

She noted that the Obama Administration knows government can’t solve all the problems facing our country. What it can do is help lay a foundation for growth and create smart incentives for minority entrepreneurs and all American businesses to build something special on top of that foundation.

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