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News and Announcements

  • Submitted on 16 October 2015

    The Partnership for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization (POWER) grants combine resources from four federal agencies to help communities and workers adapt to changing power sector landscape

  • Submitted on 23 September 2015

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) seeks nominations from four veteran service or military organizations to serve on the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development Task Force.

    At the President’s direction, SBA leads the task force, which includes representation from seven federal agencies and four veteran service or military organizations. The task force is focused on increasing the number of veteran-owned businesses and the number of Americans – including other veterans – those businesses employ. Through public meetings, the task force gathers input and ideas which range widely in scope, strategy and feasibility.

  • Submitted on 15 September 2015

    Throughout our history, our Nation has been enriched by the storied pasts of all who call the United States of America home.  America's Hispanic community has woven unique threads into the diverse fabric of our country and played an important role in shaping our national character as a people of limitless possibility.  This month, let us honor their distinct heritage while reaffirming our commitment to enabling them to build a future bright with hope and opportunity for themselves, their families, and the country we love.

  • Submitted on 02 September 2015

    You are invited to the 2015 Minority Enterprise Development Week Celebration

    We are excited to announce our partnership with the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC) to help minority business enterprises (MBEs) diversify their business opportunities in both the private and public sector. The 2015 MED Week celebration will be held in conjunction with the 2015 NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange.

    This unique conference experience will create synergies for MBEs around the country to grow in size and scale while giving you the best of both worlds – access to corporate executives and federal government procurement officials.

    One conference, one destination, endless opportunities . . . we’re taking it to the next level, join us!

    Conference Highlights
    • A premier 4-day forum hosting more than 6,000 attendees
    • A business expo with more than 700 exhibit booths
    • Corporate CEOs, Procurement Executives, and Government Representatives
    • Workshops, business matchmakers, networking, networking, networking

    Register Today

  • Submitted on 14 August 2015

    The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, chaired by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, released the draft Initial Funded Priorities List (FPL) totaling approximately $183 million.  Using funds from the settlement with Transocean Deepwater Inc. for initial investments, the Council is seeking to address critical needs of ten key watersheds across the Gulf to help restore the region’s ecosystem and strengthen economic resilience.  Projects and programs in the draft list will help to revitalize the region through skills training for local communities, improvements in water quality, and habitat restoration critical to juvenile fish and endangered birds and sea turtles.  

  • Submitted on 05 August 2015

    2015 Regional Innovation Strategies Program to Spur Capacity Building and Access to Capital for Innovators and Entrepreneurs 

    Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker recently announced the launch of the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) $10 million funding opportunity for the 2015 Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) Program competition to spur innovation capacity-building activities in regions across the nation. Under this program, EDA is soliciting applications for two funding opportunities: the i6 Challenge, which funds organizations that help innovators and entrepreneurs turn innovations, ideas, intellectual property, and research into viable, sustainable companies, and Seed Fund Support Grants (previously Cluster Grants for Seed Capital Funds), which funds regionally-focused seed capital funds that provide early-stage capital to innovation-based startups with a potential for high growth. This is the second RIS competition; EDA’s 2014 i6 and Seed Fund Support Grant awardees were announced in March 2015.

    “As America’s Innovation Agency, the Commerce Department is committed to supporting the innovators and job creators of tomorrow” said Secretary Pritzker. “The Regional Innovation Strategies Program competition will build the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship in regions all across America and ultimately strengthen our nation’s competitiveness.”

    This year’s program includes $10 million in funding for the following programs:

  • Submitted on 23 June 2015

    Jobs Supported by ExportsOn June 18, 2015 Secretary Pritzker and the Commerce Department released a report showcasing that in 2014, nearly 3.2 million jobs—44 percent of all jobs supported by goods exports—were supported by the export of goods to our Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners.

    In 2014, the United States reached record levels in goods and services exports for the fifth consecutive year totaling $2.34 trillion. Since 2009, goods exports to our current FTA partners grew 64 percent versus 45 percent to the rest of the world. The United States continues to have a trade surplus in manufactured goods, $56 billion in 2014, with the countries in which we have trade agreements.

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  • Submitted on 15 June 2015

    Thursday, June 11, 2015

    Publication: Asian Journal

    Albert K. ShenYou have likely heard many arguments from both sides of the debate concerning the passage of trade legislation and whether or not it is good for the country.

    As the National Deputy Director of the Minority Business Development Agency, I know that open and fair trade is an effective way for American businesses to sell goods and services to the 95% of global consumers who live outside of the U.S.

    As a Chinese American, and the first generation of my family born here, I also know the power of open and fair trade to help Asian American-owned businesses in the United States, as well as the countries that some families still call home. In my travels around the country, I have personally met AAPI business owners who immigrated to the United States and have started their own successful businesses after many years of hard work.  Some of these successful owners export products back to the countries from which they’ve come because these countries crave American innovation and quality products.

    This proves the impact of open and fair trade on both sides of the commercial equation.  Asian American-owned firms have strong export potential because of their capabilities in language; cultural and business practice competence; networks of personal and commercial support; and an understanding of foreign markets. These strengths produce even greater commercial success. This success allows them to:  employ more workers, offer higher pay, yield higher average sales, and ultimately grow their businesses in size, scale and impact. The numbers say it all – Asian American-owned businesses that export employ an average of 21 people and report average annual sales of around $8.4 million, compared to their non-exporting counterparts that employ 7 workers on average, and report around $864,000 in average sales.  

  • Submitted on 15 June 2015

    Friday, June 5, 2015

    Publication: EFE Agency via Fox News Latino

    National Director Castillo

    At this point, you have likely heard arguments from both sides of the debate on whether or not passing trade legislation is good for our country.

    As the National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency, I know the power of open and fair trade to strengthen minority enterprise and exponentially increase revenue. Open and fair trade allows us to send our goods and services to the 95% of global consumers who live outside of our borders. That means more high-quality jobs, economic growth, and opportunities to expand the middle class throughout the United States.

    But as a Latina whose parents immigrated to the U.S., I am also aware of the impact open and fair trade can have on Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States and the economies of the countries that are the ancestral home of our families. Minority firms in general possess strong export potential because they have familial networks of support, are able to transact business in a language other than English, and are likely to already have international operations.

  • Submitted on 21 May 2015

    As part of the Commerce Department efforts to increase digital engagement with businesses, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders through 21st century technology, National Director Alejandra Y. Castillo recently launched @MBDANatlDir, the official Twitter account of the National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency. “Social networking allows us to reach more minority entrepreneurs where they already network,” said MBDA National Director Alejandra Castillo. “This is a great opportunity to talk directly with Americans about the work of MBDA to create and sustain U.S. jobs by promoting the growth and global competitiveness of businesses owned and operated by minority entrepreneurs.”

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