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Success Stories

  • Submitted on 17 September 2012

    Sirius Chemical Group

  • Submitted on 10 September 2012

    Metro Transportation Services, LLC

  • Submitted on 07 August 2012


  • Submitted on 31 July 2012

    Yerba Buena

  • Submitted on 26 July 2012

    A large portion of MBDA's work involves partnering with minority business owners and those who serve them—state and local governments, civic organizations, professional associations, and more. We help facilitate contracts and capital in a wide range of industry sectors.

    » MBDA Grows Businesses through Exports

    In fiscal year 2014, MBDA client contracts increased 48% to $4.8 billion, contributing to the economic recovery of the nation.

    Construction Industry Success Stories

  • Submitted on 20 October 2011

    Marseyas FernandezLife in the Big Easy has improved greatly for Marseyas S. Fernandez. His integrated digital solutions company, MSF Global Solutions, survived Hurricane Katrina and is rapidly growing to move beyond a regional focus to a global one.

    A native of New Orleans, Fernandez is the founder of the company which specializes in Geospatial Information Services (GIS) and Information Technology development, implementation and management.

    Started in 2003, MSF Global was established to provide local governments, universities, businesses, and charities with cost effective GIS and related IT services. Since its inception, the company has used GIS as a key technology in land records management, infrastructure management and economic/community development.

  • Submitted on 19 September 2011

    David Segura

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    David Segura is a man on a mission to not only create jobs, but to also help to keep them in the United States.  His company, VisionIT was developed out of his community activities, which included volunteering weekly to teach youth in Detroit about the field of technology and the growing Internet trends.

    His deep commitment to the community and to using the talents of diverse populations in the field of information technology is an integral part of his company’s success.

    The Detroit, Mich., based company was founded in 1997 by Segura. VisionIT delivers consulting and technology services to corporations and government agencies. Among the many accolades VisionIT has received, this year it was ranked in Hispanic Business Magazine's Hispanic 500 as the 27th largest Hispanic-owned business in the U.S., and for the ninth year in a row it was ranked in the magazine’s annual list of the 100 fastest growing Hispanic businesses in the U.S.

  • Submitted on 25 August 2011


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    American Steel Placers Assisted by MBDA California NABEC

    Russell E. RobertsonAs a second generation owner of a steel company, some might say that entrepreneurship flows through Russell E. Robertson’s blood. His company, American Steel Placers, Inc. is located in San Bernardino, CA and has contracts with city, county and state agencies to supply and place rebar (reinforcement steel) for concrete structures.

    Created in 2004, American Steel Placers specializes in bridge construction, community public works and commercial buildings.

    As a child, he watched his mother’s strength raising four children alone and managing the company she worked for in the male-dominated steel industry. By the time Robertson was 14 years old, his mother had bought out the stock to become majority owner at Puget Sound Steel after the owner died. She operated the company for 12 years in Seattle, where Robertson worked in the evenings after school for four years. He later moved to Los Angeles continuing in the steel business building bridges.

  • Submitted on 27 July 2011

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    David Melton with Sacred Power NASCARRenewable energy is one of the nation’s fastest growing business sectors, and MBDA has helped Sacred Power Corporation expand its reach, stimulate the local economy, and create jobs for a diverse population including Native-American workers.

    “MBDA has always assisted us. They’ve helped with marketing the proposals that we bidded on, finding funding and bonding since we are half manufacturing and construction. MBDA has helped us all along our timeline of business development,” said Sacred Power CEO David Melton.  

    Melton describes his work as more than just operating the company, but one that is changing lives while improving the environment. As a Lugana Tribal member, he brings electricity to isolated homes and facilities on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and across the nation in rural-remote areas, using wind turbines and photovoltaic modules.

  • Submitted on 29 June 2011

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    For Mariana Oprea failure is not an option. After being laid off due to company restructuring, she founded Interavia Spares & Services (ISS) Inc. in 2003 building on what she knows best – selling aircraft parts.

    Her company is a distributor and reseller of aviation parts and materials to an international market of airlines, repair stations and other brokers abroad, with 95 percent of her business in exports. As an international supplier, she communicates in six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Romanian.

    “I organized it, and built it up based on my previous experience in sales and after models of companies I wanted to emulate,” Oprea said. “I had to create everything myself and sustain myself along these years.”

    Oprea started her career in aviation parts working for British Aerospace in 1981 as a contract administrator for Project BAC-111 aircraft built in Romania until 1989. In the U.S., she has worked in the sales of aircraft parts since 1994.

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