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American Indian Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian Projects

The Minority Business Development Agency’s (MBDA) American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian (AIANNH) Projects support Tribal and native business growth by addressing one or more of the following three strategic initiatives: a) innovation and entrepreneurship; b) strategic planning; and/or c) transformative projects.

Name of Project: Four Winds Diversified Project
Grant Recipient: Southwest Business Development Consultants, LLC
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Servicing Area: New Mexico and Colorado
Contact: Michael Peacock mpeacock@swbdc.com
Website: https://swbdc.com/
Phone: 505-342-8046

Southwest Business Development Consultants, LLC will provide a graduated, four-tiered curriculum for AIANNH businesses

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the core services of the project will focus on entrepreneurship, small business training, federal set-aside training and coaching, community & economic development, and small business resource referral and identification.

In the area of Transformative Projects, the FWD project provides Access to unlimited Opportunities, Access to Capital, and Access to Resources & new markets for American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and Minority-owned Businesses located on Southwest rural reservation lands and local community areas. The Four Winds Diversified (FWD) Project “Community & Business Training, Economic Development, Partnerships, Job Creation……Rural American Indian & Minority Communities Moving Forward.

Name of Project: Building Entrepreneurship
Grant Recipient: Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc
Location: Anchorage, AK
Servicing Area: Anchorage, AK
Contact: Gloria O'Neill goneill@citci.org
Website: https://citci.org/
Phone: 907-793-3401

Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) has partnered with the Anchorage Community Land Trust and Cook Inlet Lending Center to provide business development and microloans to entrepreneurs in the community.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will provide expert support to AIANNH entrepreneurs in three distinct phases of business development. During the initial phase of the program, entrepreneurs will work with the Anchorage Community Land Trust to plan and develop a business concept. Next, entrepreneurs are introduced to CITC’s Super Fab Lab to access technology to carry forward design concepts for products and plans using design-thinking concepts and innovative equipment. Once business planning is complete, the Cook Inlet Lending Center assists entrepreneurs with start-up financing to bring their businesses to market.

Name of Project: Economic Recovery Program to Support Native American Art-preneurs and Tourism Operators
Grant Recipient: Native American Development Corporation
Location: Billings, MT
Servicing Area: Rocky Mountain Region of Montana and Wyoming
Contact: Leonard Smith, CEO lsmith@nadc-nabn.org
Website: www.nadc-nabn.org
Phone: 406-259-3804

The Native American Development Corporation (NADC) will expand the reach of Triia.com, an e-commerce platform to connect AIANNH MBEs with buyers.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship they will support the economic recovery, growth, and global competitiveness of AIANNH artists (Art-preneurs) and tourism operators in the Rocky Mountain Region. The project will work collaboratively with AIANNH artists to create a robust marketing campaign to target consumers and launch a new interactive destination marketing website for trip planning and cultural education. In addition, NADC will develop a pilot entrepreneurship training program in partnership with Tribal Colleges.

Name of Project: AINAAH – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative
Grant Recipient: Rural Enterprise of Oklahoma, Inc.
Location: Durant, OK
Servicing Area: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
Contact: Scott Dewald, President & CEO sdewald@reiok.org
Website: https://www.reiok.org/
Phone: 580-924-5094

Rural Enterprise of Oklahoma, Inc will provide access to capital, business training and federal program coaching to AINAAH MBEs.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will provide two-day “Native Business Boot Camps”. The boot camp topics address issues relevant to start-ups or established firms and include: 1) start up basics; 2) business concepts; 3) marketing plans; 4) financial projections; and 5) funding sources. The project will also assist those completing training with access to capital through their network of partners, provide federal program coaching with one-on-one private counseling, workshops on federal procurement, assistance with certifications, and access to business intelligence.

Name of Project: NCAIED – American Indian, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian
Grant Recipient: National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED)
Location: Mesa, AZ
Servicing Area: Virginia and the Eastern US
Contact: Chris James, President & CEO chris.james@ncaied.org
Website: www.ncaied.org
Phone: 480-371-9169

NCAIED will expand business development services in the AIANNH community to include Virginia and twenty-six east coast states.

In the area of Strategic Planning, the project will provide business development trainings through its existing technology platform, Native Edge. Through the platform, clients will have full access to business groups and member directories for networking as well as other business development resources. The project will also connect AIANNH clients with a Business Development Specialist for one-on-one coaching.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project provides access to capital through local, state and national Community Development Financial Institution Funds, and with banks utilizing Small Business Administration and Bureau of Indian Affairs loan guarantee programs.

Name of Project: American Indian Business Enterprise
Grant Recipient: Regents of New Mexico State University
Location: New Mexico
Servicing Area: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
Contact: Alisha Giron ras@nmsu.edu
Website: https://arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu/program/aibe/
Phone: 575-646-1590

Regents of New Mexico State University will continue to develop and implement indigenous economic development curriculum designed to reach out to AIANNH students.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will support the expansion of their existing program to seventeen sites through a business incubator program. AIANNH student entrepreneurs in New Mexico can enroll in Financial Business Basics (FBB) and Digital Media and Marketing courses. After completing the coursework, they become eligible for an AIANNH sprint accelerator, a Native Entrepreneurs in Residence program, as well as mentorship opportunities.

Name of Project: Business Incubator and Strategic Planning for the Center for Excellence in Tribal Entrepreneurial Education
Grant Recipient: Salish Kootenai College
Location: Pablo, MT
Servicing Area: Flathead Indian Reservation and other interested reservations with TCUs
Contact: Audrey Plouffe audrey_plouffee@skc.edu
Website: https://www.skc.edu/
Phone: 406-275-4800

Salish Kootenai College (SKC) will develop a business incubator program to support AINAAH small business ownership. The project will support the development of a robust business incubator using the education skills gained by the students in the entrepreneurship classes.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship the project will develop a comprehensive start up package for all types of new businesses. The project will create and assemble the curriculum and necessary materials in one manual including HR documents, benefit packages, marketing and sales templates, and will assist with business licensing and insurance reviews. The project will demonstrate the effectiveness of locating a business incubator on a TCU campus and network with TCUs to implement the incubator program in other locations.

Name of Project: NABEDC
Grant Recipient: Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Servicing Area: Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Navajo Nation
Contact: Monica Villalobos, President & CEO monicav@azhcc.com
Website: https://www.azhcc.com/
Phone: 602-279-1800

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will expand services in the AIANNH community by providing accelerator programs, coaching programs, and collaboration with Community Development Financial Institution Fund partners in multiple states.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship the project will provide individual business assessments, one-on-one coaching and a series of workshops and trainings focused on education and information about business concepts and resources available for success.

In the area of Transformative Projects the project will lead efforts to connect AIANNH MBEs with major construction, infrastructure, and information technology projects to increase access to contracts and partnerships. NABEDC is currently working with a team of AIANNH clients and other MBEs on a project to bring broadband to numerous tribes to be completed within the next eighteen months.

Name of Project: Accelerating Northwest Native Business Innovation
Grant Recipient: Oregon Native American Chamber
Location: Portland, OR
Servicing Area: Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Contact: James Parker, Executive Director jparker@onacc.org
Website: https://onacc.org/
Phone: 503-894-4525

The Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC) will expand its existing AIANNH business development services programs to additional service areas in the Northwest to include Idaho and Washington.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will support AIANNH entrepreneurs using a three-component approach which allows ONAC to serve MBEs at every level of development. The first component includes a business assessment and technical assistance to prepare an action plan. Next, MBEs meet with specialized business providers such as legal, HR, tech support or grants and contract management to address specific needs and interests. For the third component, clients participate in ONAC’s ONE program. The ONE program is a full year business training, mentorship, and network building focused on the challenges faced by AIANNH entrepreneurs in specific industries.

Name of Project: Fresno MBDA Native Business Initiative for Transformation
Grant Recipient: Asian, Inc.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Servicing Area: California
Contact: Lemar Heystek president@asianinc.org
Website: https://www.asianinc.org/business/mbda/fresno/
Phone: 415-928-5910 x122

Asian, Inc. will expand and strengthen business growth in Indian Country through strategic alliances with key public and private entities to serve the more that 770,000 AIANNH residents of California.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will build upon an existing relationship with the Owens Valley Career Development Center (OVCDC) to provide education and training programs to empower Native entrepreneurs to pursue and launch business ventures.

In the area of Transformative Projects, the project will create a program in California’s Central Valley in support of public private partnerships for increased access to contracts, capital and strategic match matching. This initiative will support the efforts of AIANNH MBEs to partner with Pacific Electric and Gas and other energy companies in addressing fire safety projects across Native lands, creating jobs and removing overgrowth near Tribal reservations.

Name of Project: Sault Tribe Thrive
Grant Recipient: Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Economic Development
Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Servicing Area: 7 eastern counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Contact: Aaron Payment, Chief aaronpayment@saulttribe.net
Website: https://www.saulttribe.com/
Phone: 906-635-6050

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians will support AIANNH business start-up, attraction, retention, and growth among the Tribal members living on Tribal land as well as away from Tribal land.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the project will identify Sault Tribe owned businesses to connect with business development and workforce development needs. The collected information will also be used to create a business directory to promote Tribally owned businesses.

Name of Project: Building Equitable Native Economies Project
Grant Recipient: South Puget Intertribal Planning
Location: Shelton, WA
Servicing Area: Northwest Washington
Contact: Whitney Jones, Executive Director wjones@Spipa.org
Website: https://www.spipa.org/
Phone: 360-426-3990

The South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency will work with Tribal governments to develop the administrative infrastructure necessary to implement Tribal entrepreneurial programs and develop policies and procedures, funding criteria, and draft contracts for small business programs.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship the project will create a Native Entrepreneur Academy for AIANNH youth and adults. Successful participants will develop a business plan, complete business training, and become part of a network of minority business leaders. The academy will also provide skill-building, micro-grants, and business support. After participants complete the Academy, develop a viable business plan, and garner matching funds, they will qualify for financial assistance of up to $5,000.

Name of Project: Gather Exchange Grow
Grant Recipient: Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network
Location: Tulsa, OK
Servicing Area: Nationwide
Contact: Veronica Maturino, CEO veronica@onaben.org
Website: https://onaben.org/
Phone: 918-431-4630

Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network (OBABEN) will grow the capacity of AIANNH women-owned businesses, expand programs in rural and other geographically isolated communities, and deliver personalized technical assistance.

In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ONABEN will invest in developing websites and marketing for underserved business owners provided in partnership with an AIANNH marketing firm. The project will also develop an artist accelerator program to serve the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla in rural Oregon. The accelerator will develop an artist cohort exchange program and assist in business training and technical assistance. In addition, the project will develop a 40-member cohort of AIANNH women entrepreneurs who will participate in training events and monthly networking webcasts.

In the area of Strategic Planning, the project will provide individual and customized technical assistance to AIANNH MBEs in need of support outside of a workshop setting.

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