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HandshakeThe MBDA Business Center located in El Paso, TX is operated by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  The center is part of a national network of funded centers located in major cities throughout the United States.  The center works with minority business enterprises to generate increased financing and contract opportunities and to create and retain jobs.

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Staff Information

Terri ReedTerri Reed, project director of the El Paso MBDA Business Center, has over 23 years of experience in business and economic development. Terri knows the small business community of El Paso and the surrounding region very well, having spent years working collaboratively with partners to develop and initiate programs to help these businesses realize their growth potential. Terri is a key member of the El Paso Business Consortium which coordinates several business events per year, including one of the largest procurement and matchmaking symposiums in the Southwest. She also coordinates the efforts of the El Paso 8(a) and Government Contractors Association. Ms. Reeds’ business development, management, organizational, and project leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to continue in this role for the continued operation of the El Paso MBDA Business Center.

Project Director: Terri Reed

Michelle LuevanoMichelle Luevano, a business development specialist, is focused on advocacy. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Santa Clara University. Upon graduation, she returned to her hometown of El Paso, Texas to pursue a Masters in Businesses Administration. In 2014, Michelle graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with her MBA. Since her graduation, she has been working at the El Paso MBDA Business Center, operated by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as a business development specialist. She currently works assisting growing businesses to obtain financing to further fuel the growth of their business in the forms of lines of credit, loans, bonding, etc. In addition, she works closely with businesses to advocate on their behalf at the local, state, and federal levels in terms of public policy and regulations that affect their business.

Briana Ramirez, Business Development SpecialistBriana Ramirez is a Business Development Specialist with the MBDA Business Center-El Paso. In this role, she is responsible for identifying procurement & financing opportunities based on client needs, and sourcing those transactions for her clients. She was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and is a devoted citizen of her hometown working with Edgemere Elementary and Bel Air High School as well as local businesses. With that said she enjoys attending sporting events such as the Chihuahua baseball team; as baseball is one of her favorite sports and as well as local play and musicals at The Plaza Theater. Her primary goals are to work closely to develop and maintain strategic alliances with purchasing executives, government procurement officials, and bonding companies in order to assist her growing business clients.

Joanne OrtizJoanne Ortiz serves as the Administrative Assistant, or designated “front line” person for the MBDA Business Center-El Paso. She is responsible for supporting the activities of the El Paso Center and assists with preparing all counseling requests and providing information related to emerging minority-owned businesses. Joanne maintains a professional image to callers on the telephone, is responsible for providing assistance in the implementation and promotion of all MBDA Business Center events and programs. She functions as a receptionist, greeter, contact person, and supplier of community information concerning the MBDA.

Core Business Services

Global Business Development

Services include identification of export markets, facilitation of global transactions, international trade missions and market analysis, and overseas market promotion assistance.

Access to Capital

Services include identification of domestic and global financing opportunities, equity financing, brokerage of financial transactions, identification and closure of merger and acquisition transactions.

Access to Contracts

Services include identification of procurement opportunities, solicitation analysis, bid and proposal preparation, negotiation and closing, research contract award histories.

Access to Markets

Services include government procurement assistance, private sector contract identification and specialized certification assistance including 8(a), and assistance with market research.

Strategic Business Consulting

Services include sales consulting and forecasting, market feasibility studies, operations management and quality control, bid preparation and bonding (construction), and manufacturing facility leasing.

Office Location

2401 East Missouri Avenue
El Paso, TX 79903
United States