Minneapolis MBDA Business Center

About This Center

HandshakeThe Minnesota MBDA Business Center is a part of a nationwide network of thirty-nine centers. The Center is operated by MEDA, a premier organization that has been dedicated to the development of Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) for more than 40 years. The MBDA is the only federal agency created specifically to foster the growth of minority owned businesses in America.

Project Director: George Jacobson

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Our Mission

The mission of the center is to strengthen the US economy by helping ethnic minority businesses create or retain jobs and build economically vibrant socially responsible entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities. The center’s focus is well aligned and consistent with MEDA’s mission of “helping entrepreneurs of color succeed.”

Our Strategy

The MBC seeks to form strategic business alliances between MBE’s, majority corporations and local, state and federal government agencies. Services offered to MBC clients include:

Develop a work plan according to the MBEs capabilities and needs

Provide tailored business consulting to assist MBEs grow and prosper

Identify procurement opportunities based on client competencies

Promote MBC clients to both the public and private sectors

Broker financial transactions between clients and financing sources

Assist qualified MBEs with acquisitions or venture capital deals

Identify referral sources for MBEs not qualified for MBC assistance


While MEDA serves all MBEs, the Minnesota MBDA Business Center specifically targets three unique market areas: companies with annual revenues of $1,000,000 or more, companies with high individual growth potential, or promising companies in high-growth industries. If you believe you meet these qualifications, complete the client services form.

Core Business Services

Global Business Development

Services include identification of export markets, facilitation of global transactions, international trade missions and market analysis, and overseas market promotion assistance.

Access to Capital

Services include identification of domestic and global financing opportunities, equity financing, brokerage of financial transactions, identification and closure of merger and acquisition transactions.

Access to Contracts

Services include identification of procurement opportunities, solicitation analysis, bid and proposal preparation, negotiation and closing, research contract award histories.

Access to Markets

Services include government procurement assistance, private sector contract identification and specialized certification assistance including 8(a), and assistance with market research.

Strategic Business Consulting

Services include sales consulting and forecasting, market feasibility studies, operations management and quality control, bid preparation and bonding (construction), and manufacturing facility leasing.

Office Location

250 Second Avenue South
Suite 106
Minneapolis, MN 55401
United States