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Capital Readiness Program | E-mail of Intent

Email of Intent Process

MBDA strongly encourages applicants who intend to apply for funding under this Program to submit an Email of Intent to MBDA for this competition (see below for sample language).

The Email of Intent can – but is not required to – follow the below language:

I am writing to express [ORGANIZATION NAME]’s intent to apply to the MBDA CAPITAL READINESS PROGRAM competition. [ORGANIZATION NAME] is located in [GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION].

Please note that submission of an Email of Intent is completely voluntary, does not constitute an agreement of funding or obligate MBDA to award any specific cooperative agreement or to obligate all or any part of available funds. Similarly, submission of an Email of Intent does not obligate potential applicants to submit a full proposal nor is it a pre-requisite for submitting a full proposal. The information contained in the Email of Intent also does not limit the geographic location or target beneficiaries the applicant may choose to include in its application. Emails of Intent simply provide information to help MBDA prepare for the application review process.

If an applicant chooses to submit an Email of Intent, it must be emailed to ssbci@mbda.gov by January 31, 2023.

You can use the form below to submit your email of intent or email ssbci@mbda.gov directly. The applicant will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email.