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Export Assistance Leads to $1 Million Contract

TIG/m, LLC is a California railcar manufacturer founded by Alvaro Villa in 2005, which generates 100% of its revenue from exports. Since becoming a MBDA client in 2010, TIG/m has doubled its annual revenue and is positioned for exponential growth in FY2013.

Mr. Villa was interested in bidding on a contract to build railcars for the government of Aruba when he asked the Los Angeles MBDA Business Center for help demonstrating to Aruban officials that TIG/m had the capacity they needed. The Los Angeles MBDA Business Center obtained a letter of recommendation based on past performance from the Mayor and TIG/m was awarded a $1 million contract to build a railcar for export to Aruba.

Subsequently, when the government of Aruba required bonding, the Los Angeles MBDA Business Center brokered a letter of credit from Commercial Bank for 10% bonding, enabling TIG/m to bid on the project, which it ultimately won. Fifteen new jobs were created and 10 retained as a result.Jobs


Minority Business Community At-A-GlanceA
Business Owner Number of Firms Gross Receipts ($1000s) Average Gross Receipts Paid Employees
African American  137,891  $18,419,879 $283,713,234 85,263
American Indian & Alaska Native  45,569  4,648,919 102,019 20,813
Asian American  508,969  181,251,058 356,114 905,957
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander  9,174  1,136,638 123,898 5,987
Hispanic American  566,573  80,319,100 141,763 458,922
All Minority  1,220,581  283,713,234 232,441 1,471,933
 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $70,786,679 $20,822,663 $5,128,851 $18,110,930 $12,556 $114,861,680
Dollar Value of Capital  116,299,332 1,500,000 560,000 8,500,000 –  $126,859,332
Number of Contracts  79 21 6 10 1 117
Number of Capital Transactions  450 1 2 3 –  456
TOTAL TRANSACTIONS  529 22 8 13 1 573
  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting  8 $9,688,583
Construction  494 140,652,368
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate  9 32,384,622
Manufacturing  15 32,384,622
Mining  1 12,556
Retail Trade  2 3,891,000
Services  25 31,844,119
Transportation, Warehousing & Public Utilities  7 3,573,500
Wholesale Trade  12 2,041,322


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