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Contech, Inc. Created and Retained 58 Jobs with MBDA Assistance

Contech, Inc. is a General Contractor located in Broken Arrow, OK, with high performance capabilities in the area of site development and concrete. Owner Bryan Adair joined forces with the Tulsa MBDA Business Center with the goal of growing the company. MBDA staff worked with the company to apply for 8(a) certification, and helped open up connections and access to contracting and surety bonding. As a result, Contech secured contracts and capital in excess of $5.5 million in 2012. These efforts retained 39 jobs and created 19 additional jobs.



Minority Business Community At-A-GlanceA
Business Owner Number of Firms Gross Receipts ($1000s) Average Gross Receipts Paid Employees
African American  10,449 $653,996 $62,589 6,085
American Indian & Alaska Native  21,212 4,518,481 213,015 26,627
Asian American  6,736 1,802,217 267,550 15,673
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander  150 18,108 120,720 136
Hispanic American  7,663 1,661,273 216,791 8,940
All Minority  44,941 8,614,044 191,675 56,794
 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $4,496,666 $6,934,560 $2,475,910 –  –  $13,907,136
Dollar Value of Capital  14,472,618 –  7,427,730 –  –  $21,900,348
Number of Contracts  4 6 1 –  –  11
Number of Capital Transactions  8 –  3 –  –  11
TOTAL TRANSACTIONS  12 6 4 –  –  22
  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Construction  15 $27,799,193
Services 4 4,095,588
Wholesale Trade 3 3,912,703


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