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Financial Proposal Helps Pandora Open New Location in Puerto Rico

Pandora Jewelry, an international jewelry chain, sought to expand their business into a new location in Puerto Rico's largest shopping mall. Securing capital for such a venture in the midst of economic uncertainty proved challenging, so Pandora turned to the Puerto Rico MBDA Business Center. After evaluating Pandora's business objectives, the MBDA developed a finance proposal and strategy that convinced the state-run Economic Development Bank to fund the project for $0.5 million.

In the first six months of operation, the store met its 12-month revenue goal and currently reports revenues in excess of $20 million.



 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $3,417,583 $37,737,000 $107,169,258 $1,036,900 –  $152,219,832
Dollar Value of Capital  136,325,471 –  186,975 –  –  $136,512,446
Number of Contracts  6 1 28 9 –  44
Number of Capital Transactions  43 –  1 –  –  44
TOTAL TRANSACTIONS  49 1 29 9 –  88
  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Construction  72 $221,807,363
Manufacturing  1 89,533
Retail Trade 7 11,285,002
Services 6 54,621,247
Wholesale Trade 2 929,133


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