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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

                                  - Chinese proverb




Today, the importance of minority-owned businesses as a key component of U.S. international trade has never been greater. Minority businesses have a competitive advantage in global trade based on their cultural ties, language skills, and nimbleness.


The Minority Business Development Agency is committed to helping U.S. minority business enterprises expand their client base and operations to include global markets.


We provide the resources you need, including market research, metrics, development tips, business-to-business collaboration leads, and insights into the best markets for you.


Contact an MBDA Export Center today to learn more!


Upcoming Events

Intro to Government Financing Programs & Reimbursable Grants for eCommerce International Expansion

DATE: May 25th | 1 MM EST

Click here for More Info

Interagency Webinar for World Trade Month

DATE: May 26th | 2 PM EST

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MBDA Going Global Webinar Series (From Sacramento MBDA Business Center)


  • Is Exporting for Me – Get Ready to Export
    May 12
  • Exporter Needs: Start-Up and Beyond
    May 19
  • Develop Your Digital Capacity for Export Sales
    May 26
  • Find and Enter Your Best Export Markets
    June 2
  • Make Export Sales & Get Paid
    June 9
  • Legal Do’s & Don’ts for Exporters
    June 16
  • Delivering Export Goods
    June 23
  • Wrap-Up Session & Business Pitch
    June 30

Click here for More Info