Obama Administration Takes Steps to Help American Businesses Create Jobs & Become More Competitive


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winning the future in the global economy requires a government that efficiently allocates scarce resources to maximize efficiency and effectiveness so that it can best support American competitiveness, innovation, and job growth.

To support economic growth and job expansion, the federal government must make it easier for businesses to access the full range of government information, programs and services they need to compete globally, without having to navigate their way through an overwhelming bureaucracy.

BusinessUSA will help companies of all sizes access the full range of government programs and services they need to compete, grow, and hire. It will offer a centralized location where an entrepreneur can come to access programs to grow their exports, for instance.

Right now, a range of government websites offer resources and programs to support businesses, but navigating those sites and finding the information you need isn't easy.

Agencies across the federal government will also find ways to integrate BusinessUSA deeply into their websites, call centers, and field offices -- so that this new service becomes the primary way that companies get the information and support they need to grow and hire.

BusinessUSA provides easy and intuitive access to the wide range of relevant and timely federal government data, information and services - wherever, whenever, on your terms.

It will launch early next year.

The White House Business Council Forum wants to know - what do you want to see on BusinessUSA?

White House User Voice

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