Hispanic Executive: Leading a Powerful Agency Under President Obama's Administration, Alejandra Castillo Helps Minority Businesses Thrive


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hispanic Executive Alejandra CastilloRaised between two worlds government executive Alejandra Castillo has come to accept - to leverage, even - her hyphenated Dominican-American background. Serving as national deputy director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), she fights doggedly to connect minority companies to business opportunities. It's a fitting role, as she has spent much of her life analyzing socioeconomic factors that affect ethnic communities and enterprises.

MBDA is a strategic vehicle in President Barack Obama's administration to help minority companies grow in size and scale, regardless of how small - or big - they are at present. "The Obama administration understands that MBEs play a critical role in building economic prosperity and wealth creation among minority communities," Castillo says, adding that they are uniquely positioned to fuel economic growth abroad. "MBEs are twice as likely as nonminority firms to export due to linguistic and cultural ties."

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