MBDA Instrumental in Company's $177 Million Contract Award


Friday, November 30, 2012

Quote - The senior business development manager of the Chicago MBDA Business Center used his knowledge of the energy utility industry and introduced us to people that led to contract opportunities. The Chicago MBDA Business Center also assisted us with networking and gathering information on certification and bonding requirements.€ Lisa Ross, Sales and Marketing Director

Company Name: LJ Ross and Associates    
Industry Sector: Financial – Credit Reporting and Collecting Services    
Results of MBDA Assistance: $177 Million Contract & 60 Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts, Access to Capital, Access to Markets, & Strategic Business Consulting

LJ Ross and Associates is a credit reporting and collection services company that was founded by Alphonso Ross in 1992. The company came to the MBDA Business Center in Chicago looking for strategic business planning and assistance in gaining access to new contracts.

The senior development manager at the Chicago MBDA Business Center drew on his prior experience and his contacts in the energy industry to make introductions that were instrumental in LJ Ross’s successful bid to provide collection services for First Energy. The company won a three-year $177 million contract that represented a 60% increase in revenue. The contract created and retained 60 jobs and helped to further strengthen LJ Ross’s position in the industry.

The Chicago MBDA Business Center also assisted LJ Ross in identifying financial resources for future business expansion and continues to work closely with the company on other bids in the energy utility industry.

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