With Help from MBDA, South Carolina Firm Secures $20 Million Contract and Creates more than 80 Jobs


Monday, December 10, 2012

€œThe on-going assistance we have received from the MBDA Business Center in Columbia has been invaluable.  The Columbia MBDA Business Center has guided us for several years now, advising us on business strategies, providing procurement assistance, and suggesting traditional and alternative routes to accessing capital.  We have grown to be the largest minority-owned construction and landscaping firm in South Carolina, and I credit much of that growth to the services provided by Columbia's MBDA Business Center.€ Dr. Louis B. Lynn, President

Company Name: ENVIRO AgScience, Inc.    
Industry Sector: Construction and Landscaping    
Results of MBDA Assistance: $20 Million Contract, $3 Million Capital, & 82+ Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts, Access to Capital, Access to Markets, & Strategic Business Consulting 

Thanks to counseling from the MBDA Business Center in Columbia, ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. received a $3 million line of credit from one of the Columbia MBDA Business Center’s strategic partners. The capital has opened up opportunities for ENVIRO to partner with larger construction firms bidding on high-level projects, both as a prime contractor and subcontractor. The Columbia MBDA Business Center also assisted ENVIRO with a $20 million project, offering counseling and help in identifying subcontractors as part of the construction of a $70 million battery recycling plant located in Florence, SC. The contracts helped to create/retain 82 jobs; and ENIVRO’s work with its subcontractors resulted in creating and retaining approximately 400 jobs.

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