IRS e-News for Small Businesses: a Time-Saver for Small Businesses

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Keeping up with federal tax requirements is not easy in today’s fast-changing business environment. Even if you use a tax professional’s services, you still need to know and understand your tax responsibilities.

That’s why the IRS offers you a time-saver: IRS e-News for Small Businesses. E-news is a bi-weekly newsletter that alerts you to what’s new, hot and important for small business owners to know. It’s quick to read, easy to subscribe – and it’s free.

IRS e-News for Small Businesses features:

Tax dates for small business owners, to help you avoid missing a deadline

  • Links to new items on for small businesses
  • Reminders and tips to help you meet your tax obligations
  • Quick links to IRS news releases and announcements
  • Info about IRS products, services, and educational opportunities

Subscribe to e-News on, click “Subscribe Now” at the bottom of the page and enter your e-mail address.