MBDA Congratulates 2010 National Conference Award Recipient


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Congratulations to MBDA’s National Conference award recipients! This year’s conference was held in Houston, Texas during June 20-24; celebrating the accomplishment of MBDA’s business centers. Representatives from the centers were acknowledged for their outstanding performance and contributions to minority business development.

National Outstanding Performance Award

The San Antonio Business Center was awarded the 2010 National Outstanding Performance Award, which recognizesthe top center achieving the highest scores in multiple categories.

National Enterprise Center Performance Award
Given to the highest performing center in each of the regional offices.

  • Atlanta Region: Miami
  • Chicago Region: Chicago
  • Dallas Region: New Mexico
  • New York Region: Puerto Rico
  • San Francisco Region: Washington State

Given to the centers who secured the most capital for their clients.

  • Washington Metro
  • Florida
  • North/South Dakota

Awarded to the centers who secured the highest dollar value for their clients.

  • Florida
  • New Mexico
  • California

Top business centers that helped create over 1,600 new jobs.

  • New Mexico
  • Los Angeles
  • Northwest

MBDA is thrilled to recognize the remarkable contributions of our centers in supporting our national economy!

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