MBDA Business Center-Atlanta Launches Health IT Partnering Program


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Created on May 15, 2013

The Atlanta MBDA Business Center partnered with Georgia Tech’s Jobs and Innovation Accelerator project to create the Health IT Cluster Partnering Program. Launched in August 2012, the purpose of the program is to facilitate firms’ emergence into the Health information technology (IT) space with the end goal of measurable job creation and growth. With more than 40 MBDA client firms connected through an online community, continuous educational and business event programming, and business to business networking, the program has already experienced several successes.

In February, to build on the program’s momentum, a formal Health IT Teaming Program was launched.  The teaming program is solely focused on developing partnerships for members companies in order to pursue targeted opportunities in the public and private sector. After completing a rigorous application process, eight firms have joined the inaugural Health IT Teaming Program, they include: AdTech Service, Avion Systems, Diligent eSecurity, Global Resource Management, Inc., (GRMI) ICATT Consulting, QualityTech, Sciberusand TecMasters.

“We are excited about being a part of the Health IT Teaming program,” says Naheed Syed, president and CEO of GRMI. While GRMI has completed projects in health IT, this program gives us an opportunity to strengthen our capabilities and past performance, work with a team, and pursue larger opportunities.”

The Health IT Cluster Partnering Program also gives MBDA clients an opportunity to spotlight their expertise. One avenue is through the Health IT Circle.  In collaboration with the Center, Health @ EI2 and Georgia Tech’s Advance Technology Development Center (ATDC), the Health IT Circle meets monthly to discuss critical issues surrounding the health care industry. In March, MBDA client MBM eHealthCare Solutions highlighted Security and HIPAA Compliance, two critical health IT challenges facing the industry today. Melba McNeil, president and CEO of MBM eHealthCare Solutions, states, “The Atlanta MBDA Business Center has given us a platform to connect with other companies and people who share an interest in Health IT”.

We’re excited to take firms to the next level and invite you to learn more about our services, including the Health IT Cluster Partnering Program, by visiting http://www.mbda.gov/businesscenters/atlanta.

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