Lighting the Way—San Jose MBDA Business Center client wins contract with City of Oakland


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Created on September 12, 2013

Thanks to innovative technologies and manufacturing methods, coupled with the need to reduced usage and costs, cities today have a variety of street and byway lighting options.  The city of Oakland, California is switching to light emitting diode lighting (LED), and chose Amland Corporation of San Jose to replace 30,000 high pressure sodium street lights with what promises to be energy efficient and long-lived LEDs. This project will illuminate 800 miles of city streets — the equivalent of 450 square miles.

Amland’s president, Kevin Phan, is excited about the project, both for the sake of his firm and the benefits LED technology has for the larger community.  An immigrant from Vietnam, Mr. Phan came to the United States in 1982 and went to work for CalTrans, where he developed his interests in electrical contracting and civil transportation engineering.

Founded in 2002, Amland, from “American Land,” provides services to public and private clients throughout northern California. The San Jose MBDA Business Center helped Amland obtain bonding, working capital, and insurance, in addition to helping to improve the company’s marketing strategy. For the Oakland street lighting project, the San Jose MBDA Business Center was instrumental in Amland obtaining a line of credit necessary to carry the project forward. According to Kevin Phan, Amland’s president, “Our working relationship with MBDA San Jose lent credibility and confidence to Amland Corp. as a civil engineering firm.”

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