The Basics of Successful Energy Management


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Energy Awareness
Created on October 22, 2013

October is Energy Awareness month, and it’s a great opportunity to look around your office for ways to save energy.

Why do some companies save more than others? One reason is how they approach energy management. Companies that follow a few basic principles achieve greater savings. If you are serious about reducing energy use, you can apply these principles and save!

Make energy a priority

Start saving energy by making it a priority for everyone in the company.

Assign responsibility

Someone has to be responsible for energy. Initially, this might be a designated energy champion. Over time, responsibility can be expanded to a team of people.

Set a goal

Goals create clear objectives for energy management activities. Need help? Take the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry and reduce your energy intensity by 10%.

Look beyond first cost

With energy efficiency, you get what you pay for. Recognize that energy-efficient equipment and products may cost more upfront but will save more money and energy in the long run.

Get with the program

Energy management is more than doing just a few energy projects. It is a commitment to manage energy as an on-going function of your business. Successful energy management sustains savings and integrates projects with:

  • Understanding energy use

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Behavioral changes

  • Tracking and benchmarking energy use

  • Communicating to employees

While all of this might seem like a lot, it’s really just a matter of scale.

Next Steps:

» Visit for more information on energy efficiency.

» Download the Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers' Guide to Energy Management here.

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