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Created on November 22, 2013

That’s the core objective of BusinessUSA. Approaching two years since its launch in early 2012, BusinessUSA was created to provide businesses a better entryway into the host of programs and opportunities the federal government has to offer. Too often, interactions with the government are burdensome, frustrating, and confusing. BusinessUSA aims to fix that by providing a single point of access to those programs and resources relevant to business owners and exporters.

It is BusinessUSA’s mission to ensure that potential and existing business owners have access to programs and opportunities that can help them grow and succeed. Agencies and Departments from across the federal government have collaborated on the site to ensure that users have access to many programs and resources they might not otherwise be able to find, as well as complementary resources from other providers. The site offers easy to use, step by step tools for starting or growing a business, starting or expanding exporting operations, getting disaster assistance, finding opportunities, and more. BusinessUSA is also a place business owners can go to get information about the new health care law.

Check out BusinessUSA today. You’ll get the same great experience on your smartphone or tablet that you get on a PC or Mac. The site has easy to access assistance options as well, with tour and ask-a-question tools. Let BusinessUSA help you open doors to the assistance you’re looking for, at

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