MBDA Business Center Spotlight: Bridgeport


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Event at Bridgeport MBDA Business Center on June 12
Created on July 18, 2014

Minority businesses learned valuable tips, like how to grow their businesses by connecting with the 95% of consumers who live outside the United States, at the Bridgeport MBDA Business Center on June 12.

These tips were given as part of a series of global procurement workshops hosted in Bridgeport, Conn. Through the work of interagency collaboration, David Leister, an international trade specialist and MBDA Global Business Center Project Manager at the San Antonio MBDA Business Center gave remarks and engaged in a discussion on the benefits of expanding the scope of minority businesses beyond our borders.

Leister talked about the reasons why minority businesses should engage in international markets, as well as the resources and initiatives available through MBDA for minority businesses to expand their visions overseas.

“Global doesn’t seem so farfetched for a small business such as mine to expand. I was excited to learn of the many opportunities and resources at my fingertips,” said Dyshann Anderson, CEO of Aqua Stone Graphic Arts & Print.

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