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Digital Resources
Created on November 13, 2015

On October 1 the Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) updated their web resources with a more diagnostic approach to helping companies understand the steps to working with GSA. takes the information that small businesses need and provides it in bite-sized pieces that are easy to process. The landing page provides a virtual door for each business in every step of the process!

For example, if a company is new to the government they are encouraged to watch a series of short videos to help them determine if working with GSA is the right next step.  If the business has worked with the government before, they may only be looking to pursue and win business or maybe how to maintain and renew their contract.

Whatever the business is looking for, the layout of this new site is designed to help them find it.  This 2015 launch of new videos, campaigns and digital resources is just one part of the OSBU’s plan to reduce barriers and make it easier for small businesses to work with the Federal government.

OSBU’s Associate Administrator, A. Jerome Fletcher II says, “Small companies are always working to grow their businesses and do not have a lot of time on their hands…with this new website, small businesses are able to easily learn and find the resources they need to do business with the federal government.”

The Office of Small Business Utilization has a wealth of knowledgeable staff working hard to advocate for fair access to Federal contracting opportunities for all small businesses.

GSA’s commitment to small business was recently recognized when our partners at the U.S. Small Business Administration graded GSA with an “A” for our work in Fiscal Year 2014 awarding 1.4 billion in contracting dollars to small businesses. As of today, for FY 2015 GSA has awarded $1.6 billion to small business with a focus for even greater impact in 2016.

If you want to learn more about Doing Business with GSA, please follow us on Twitter @GSAOSBU.  You can also call us on 1-855-OSBU-GSA or on the web at to introduce yourself!

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