Protecting Sensitive Business and Customer Information: Practical Identity Safety Practices

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Learn about identity theft, new imposter scams targeting businesses, cybersecurity practices to reduce your risk, data breach avoidance and response, and free resources to help you protect your business, employees, and customers.
Speakers from the FTC and IRS will discuss:

  • How businesses can avoid being victims of ID theft
  • How businesses can protect themselves and their customers
  • Who to contact/what to do if they suspect they are a victim of ID theft
  • Ways IRS and FTC are combating ID theft
  • Lessons from FTC cases about good data security practices for businesses
  • Where to find ID theft resources on the FTC and IRS websites

Thursday, February 1, 2017 - 1 hour
12:00 pm Alaska | 1:00 pm Pacific | 2:00 pm Mountain Time

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