MBDA Partnership with the Republic of Turkey


Friday, October 14, 2011

Memorandum of Understanding Among The U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration And The Minority Business Development Agency And Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to establish a partnership between the U.S. and Turkey in order to: exchange information about small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); provide networking opportunities for SMEs; and promote international trade between the U.S. and Turkish SMEs.

Key activities resulting from this partnership are, but not limited to, the following:

MBDA intends to:
assist the Turkish Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) in learning more about MBDA’s activities in the U.S.; host an exchange of experts for training and knowledge-sharing purposes; organize networking events that coincide with “Minority Enterprise Development Week”, which will allow U.S. and Turkish SMEs to explore ways to collaborate and ways to increase commercial ties; provide KOSGEB with information about U.S. policies aimed at promoting business opportunities for SMEs.

ITA intends to:
coordinate one or more digital video conferences (DVCs) among the participants to share SME best practices and participate in SME events, generated by this MOU, in order to provide information and promote international trade.

KOSGEB intends to:
share the knowledge and experience about policies, measures and applications; exchange data and publications about SMEs; host and exchange experts for knowledge-sharing purposes; organize networking events, mutual business trips to enhance cooperation between U.S. and Turkish SMEs; encourage and support the establishment of Business Matching Centers in order to improve the trade volume in both countries.

Participants also intend to: support the preparation of cooperative projects and to share relevant information and best practices on the innovation, entrepreneurship and promotion of exports and international trade related to MBEs and SMEs.

About the Turkish Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB)

The mission of the KOSGEB is to advance the effectiveness and expand the reach of SMEs so that they can meet the social and economic needs in Turkey. It was founded on April 20, 1990. Headquartered in Ankara, KOSGEB provides its services through 35 Business Development Centers (IGEM), 20 Technology Development Centers (TEKMER) and 76 Synergy Focal Points.

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