Putting America First: Why Small Business Saturday Matters

Acting National Director Chris Garcia

By MBDA Acting National Director Chris Garcia

From coast to coast, U.S. small businesses are creating jobs, revitalizing communities and exemplifying the power of America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Without question, small businesses are the life blood of our economy and it’s essential that we as Americans collectively support their growth and economic development. That means consciously creating opportunities to “shop small” and participating in national events like “Small Business Saturday” on Nov. 25. Last year’s event generated a reported $15.4 billion in spending, and I challenge each of us to exceed that number for 2017. Every single one of those dollars is a tangible investment in the economic success of our Nation and in the various communities we all live, work and play in.

Your financial support is especially important to our eight million U.S. minority business enterprises who often face additional challenges as business owners in gaining access to capital, contracts and markets.

Join me and MBDA in supporting this year’s Small Business Saturday by going out into your local communities and shopping at small businesses.

For more information on Small Business Saturday and a list of small businesses in your area, visit MBDA.gov and www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/shop-small/

See you on Saturday!