Minority Business Development Agency Invests $855,000 in Seven MBDA Business Centers to Expand Reach and Expertise

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WASHINGTON (September 28, 2012) — As a result of a multi-year strategy to reduce administrative and operational overhead, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) today announced an investment of $855,000 to seven MBDA Business Centers. The funds will expand outreach and business consulting expertise to better serve minority business communities in cities nationwide.

“Since joining MBDA, I have sought to expand the Agency’s footprint, expertise and resources dedicated to the MBDA Business Center program,” said MBDA National Director David A. Hinson. “The grants announced today will ensure that seven MBDA Business Centers can provide even more resources to minority-owned businesses to create American jobs and grow the economy.”  

The funding announced today will go to the following MBDA Business Centers: 

  • Atlanta, Georgia: To provide advanced manufacturing and health care IT expertise, $100,000

  • Boston, Massachusetts: To expand a satellite presence in Bridgeport, CT, and conduct focused outreach to American Indian-owned firms in the Northeast, $100,000

  • Chicago, Illinois: To expand a satellite presence in St. Louis, MO, $150,000

  • Phoenix, Arizona: To conduct focused outreach to American Indian-owned businesses in Arizona and southern California, $155,000

  • San Antonio, Texas: To provide expertise in exporting to Latin America, $150,000

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: To expand outreach across the island, $50,000

  • San Jose, California: To expand a satellite presence in San Francisco, CA, $150,000

MBDA Business Centers receiving an influx of funds will use them to establish a satellite presence in a near-by geographic area or enhance existing expertise in emerging growth strategies. 

The primary objective of the MBDA Business Centers is to provide strategic business consulting services to minority-owned firms that will result in the creation and retention of jobs for Americans through business growth. This is accomplished by increasing the domestic and global competitiveness of minority-owned firms in accessing contracts, capital and markets.

A complete listing of all MBDA Business Centers, their unique capabilities and contact information can be found at www.mbda.gov.  

About the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

MBDA, www.mbda.gov, an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce, promotes the growth and global competitiveness of the minority business community, making them better equipped to create jobs, impact local economies, and compete successfully in domestic and global marketplaces.  With a nationwide network of 40 business centers and a rich portfolio of strategic partners, MBDA assists minority entrepreneurs and business owners with consulting services, contract and financing opportunities, bonding and certification services, building business-to-business alliances and executive training.


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