Investing in America: MBDA Forms New Strategic Partnership with The Latino Coalition

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MBDA Acting Director Chris Garcia (center) is joined by Hector Barreto, Chairman of The Latino Coalition (left), and Manny Rosales, Executive Director of The Latino Coalition (right), at the West Coast Economic Summit in Los Angeles, CA
MBDA and The Latino Coalition MOU Signing

The U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) has partnered with The Latino Coalition (TLC) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The new agreement, “designed to help enhance the overall business, economic and social objectives of the Hispanic community,” was signed during TLC’s 2017 Economic Opportunity Summit in Los Angeles.

“Investing in America and putting America first is the foundation of this Administration, and by signing this agreement, MBDA is helping to expand equal access to resources and tools that foster a business climate where minority businesses can thrive,” said MBDA Acting National Director Chris Garcia. “We are operating in an ever-changing complex global economy and we’re proud to work with The Latino Coalition to support their efforts and to create programs, strategies and partnerships that truly support minority entrepreneurs and help them effectively compete in the marketplace.”    

The Latino Coalition is a national non-partisan advocacy organization representing Hispanic businesses and consumers, in conjunction with the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC).

“The Latino Coalition is proud to partner with the Minority Business Development Agency,” says Hector Barreto, Chairman of The Latino Coalition and former U.S. SBA Administrator.  "Seeking to promote the growth of minority-owned business through various programs and access to capital, contracts, and markets, this partnership will serve entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to expand their endeavors.  Together, we share a commitment to further engage the Latino community in an increasingly competitive market, and we look forward to building on this relationship for the long-term benefit of our community.”

About the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

MBDA,, is the only Federal agency dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of U.S. minority-owned businesses. Our programs and services better equip minority-owned firms to create jobs, build scale and capacity, increase revenues and expand regionally, nationally and internationally. Services are provided through a network of MBDA Business Centers. Established in 1969, MBDA continues to be a dedicated strategic partner to all U.S. minority-owned businesses, committed to providing programs and services that provide greater access to capital, contracts and markets. Follow us on Twitter @usmbda.

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