MBDA and Sacred Power Corp. – Creating Jobs of the Future

MBDA and Sacred Power Corp. – Creating Jobs of the Future

Renewable energy is one of the nation’s fastest growing business sectors, and MBDA has helped Sacred Power Corporation expand its reach, stimulate the local economy, and create jobs for a diverse population including Native-American workers.

“MBDA has always assisted us. They’ve helped with marketing the proposals that we bidded on, finding funding and bonding since we are half manufacturing and construction. MBDA has helped us all along our timeline of business development,” said Sacred Power CEO David Melton.  

Melton describes his work as more than just operating the company, but one that is changing lives while improving the environment. As a Lugana Tribal member, he brings electricity to isolated homes and facilities on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and across the nation in rural-remote areas, using wind turbines and photovoltaic modules.

As an emerging clean energy technology company, Sacred Power is experienced in all facets of renewable energy development including: telecommunications, power generation, home electrification, village electrification, and community water.

Sacred Power has extensive experience in designing and installing solar-powered water pumping systems, solar hot water systems, solar hot air systems, and wind turbines.

Its major customer base is federal, state and tribal governments. Major customers include: U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service, U.S. Department of Energy, Tribal Energy Program, U.S. Department of Defense, Army’s Rapid Deployment Forces, Center for Army Analysis, Army Research Base, U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Law Enforcement Services, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, State of New Mexico’s Energy Office, National Guard Bureau, Park’s Division, and multiple tribes throughout the nation.

Sacred Power Corporation is an 8(a) certified, small disadvantaged, HUB Zone Certified and Native American-owned firm headquartered in Albuquerque, NM.

Melton has extensive experience in his field. He learned his craft from the tribal-owned, defense contract manufacturing company – Laguna Industries, Inc, where he worked for 10 years in roles including – budget analyst, program and marketing manager, and contracts manager. In 1997, he created his own company, Diversified Systems Manufacturing, to assist the tribes with their renewable energy development opportunities. In 2001, a partnership was agreed upon between Diversified Systems and Luz Energy Systems to create Sacred Power Corporation.

Sacred Power has received numerous awards. Melton was selected by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke to serve on the Secretary’s Manufacturing Council, with the task of strengthening manufacturing activity as well as to advise the Secretary. 

At the core of Sacred Power is a respect for nature. According to Melton, the company’s philosophy is to use “the strengths of the Father to protect the gifts of the Mother.”

“The strength of the sun and sky is used to protect mother earth, which gives us life,” Melton said. “We have to respect it.”

Sacred Power System InstallationNext steps for Sacred Power include a move to become a module manufacturer, which includes buying the 6-inch solar cell, encapsulating them under glass. Melton said he plans to make 80,000 of them a year.

In addition, Sacred Power is heading to NASCAR!

Melton, who is a major fan, hopes to bring the idea of solar panels to NASCAR, advertise, network with corporate CEOs, and use the high-profile opportunity to encourage Native American children.

“We will be the first Native owner at NASCAR. The driver will be a Cherokee member. We are targeting a November truck race in Phoenix. We want to create more role models for our people. We want to create hope, and let young people know that there are opportunities in solar businesses, and careers in science and technology. We also educate young people by bringing the race car to schools.”   

Beyond his love for racing, Melton also describes the NASCAR opportunity as fertile ground for business opportunities in the Southeast, which he says lags behind in renewable energy. “NASCAR has a green and diversity program. We want to put solar on their tracks and buildings. It’s a way to introduce it to the fans.”