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Looking for State Offices for Minority and Women Business Enterprises

A large portion of MBDA's work involves partnering with minority business owners and those who serve them—state and local governments, civic organizations, professional associations, and more. We help facilitate contracts and capital in a wide range of industry sectors.

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In fiscal year 2014, MBDA client contracts increased 48% to $4.8 billion, contributing to the economic recovery of the nation.

Construction Industry Success Stories

MBDA Helps Construction Company Create Jobs in HUBZone
One of the most successful clients of the Phoenix MBDA Business Center is Fortis Networks, Inc., which was founded by Clarence McAllister and his wife, Reyna.  McAllister started the company in 2000 after working as an engineer for Alcatel Lucent and Verizon Wireless. Starting out in telecommunications infrastructure, the firm’s qualifications included the design and installation of fiber optics, smart meters, mass transit communication, and traffic and security control systems.

Rebuilding New Orleans – MBDA Helps Construction Company Obtain $14 Million Contract And Create 120 Jobs
The Jackson MBDA provided assistance in identifying contracts, strategic bidding and marketing. As a result, G&M Associates was awarded a $14 million contract from Gulf Coast Housing to build a multi-family, commercial and retail facility in a New Orleans neighborhood that had been hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.

There at the Beginning -- MBDA Assists General Contractor in Obtaining More Than $300 Million in Contracts and Capital Since its Inception
“The Washington MBDA Business Center assisted Helix Enterprises in arranging bonding as well as providing professional and legal consulting and support.

MBDA Helps Position Young Construction Company for Future Success
The Honolulu MBDA assisted Trace Industries in getting certified as an Asian Pacific Islander, SBA 8 (a) company.

MBDA Helps Construction Company Win $4 Million Contract and Create Jobs
As Farrow’s contracts have increased in size, the Seattle MBDA Business Center has been working to assist the company in increasing both its line of credit and its bonding capacity.

MBDA Assists Construction Company in Securing More Than $40 Million in Contracts
The Phoenix MBDA Business Center also met frequently with several prime companies to recommend Andale as a strong, growth-oriented company capable of supporting partnerships with their companies.

MBDA Helps Native American-Owned Business Secure Millions in Contracting and Increase Revenues By 70%
Thanks to a chain of introductions set in motion by the business development specialists at the MBDA Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mr. White was able to meet and spend time with contract officers at Tinker Air Force Base.

MBDA Helps Construction Firm Gain $4.6 Million Contract and Create or Retain 80 Jobs
The guidance and support Gilmore gained from the Denver MBDA Business Center has served in bolstering its business growth and development and has enhanced Gilmore’s role as a mentor to other local minority-owned firms.

MBDA Training and Matchmaking Help Engineering Firm Secure $6.5 Million Contract
Yerba Buena contacted the MBDA Business Center in San Jose seeking procurement, technical and marketing assistance. The San Jose MBDA Business Center helped the company identify opportunities and establish relationships with public and private sector procurement officers.  Mr. Galarza used the matchmaking forums organized by MBDA to develop new business leads and he used the training sessions MBDA organized and co-sponsored to help build the capacity of key personnel within the company.

MBDA Helping Coastal Environmental Navigate Economic Downturns
The Minority Business Development Agency was instrumental in helping Coastal Environmental navigate economic downturns through teaming with other companies as well as corporate repositioning in order to remain competitive in high-demand areas.

MBDA Helping Minority Businesses Grow: Marion Trucking & Construction
“We have an exceptional relationship with the MBDA of North Dakota. Brek Maxon and Larry Stockert have been instrumental in our success and I thank them for their help and concern,” Marion said. “They have helped us with financial contracts, business plans and overall suggestions that are helpful in many areas.”

The Del Valle Group Leads the Construction Industry in Puerto Rico
Pablo points to MBDA as a significant help in developing business strategies to strengthen his company. “For federal programs, we are required to prepare subcontracting plans and MBDA has helped us. We also look forward to developing a closer relationship as business opportunities arise.”

Services - $993 Million in Contracts & Capital for MBDA Business Centers' clients

MBDA Provides Contract-Winning Advice To Indianapolis Company
The Indianapolis MBDA also offered counsel on improving customer service, negotiating deals, and planning for growth.  As a result, RFS secured several contracts valued at $16,700, which helped retain eight employees.

MBDA Helps Education Company Secure $6.2 Million Contract
The MBDA Business Center in Puerto Rico assisted VERNET in securing lines of credit and identifying business opportunities with the Department of Education to provide services to public school students and teachers. With this guidance, VERNET secured a $6.2 million contract with the Department of Education.

MBDA Helps Media Company Expand & Create Jobs
Mr. Hearon came to the MBDA Business Center in Las Vegas looking for help finding capital. The MBDA staff did an assessment to determine which loan programs were best suited to Hearon Media.

With MBDA Assistance Management Consulting Firm Secures $3.9 Million Contract and Create 25 Jobs
The MBDA Business Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in partnership with The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation, worked with Baker & Company, LLC to secure a $3.9 million contract award that will create 25 jobs.

Veteran-Owned Company Sees Half a Million Dollar Revenue Increase With Help From MBDA
Mr. McElrath turned to the MBDA Business Center in Cleveland, Ohio, for assistance in growing his company. Through a collaborative partnership, the Cleveland MBDA Business Center provided services that included a six-week Bond Prep program.

MBDA Helps MSF Global Solutions Grow Beyond Hurricane Katrina
“I’ve had great relationships at the center [Louisiana Minority Business Enterprise Center],” Fernandez said.  “It’s meant a lot of introductions and networking. Our last three engagements have been a result of the center. They’ve created a great platform to put the word out there, and we put ourselves in the position to respond. Eileen Carter is one individual who has been very persistent and consistent in terms of making sure that we are taking advantage of opportunities.

MBDA Helps VisionIT Create Jobs in Diverse Communities
“VisionIT has worked strategically with the MBDA over many years initially assisting us with our growth in new major markets as well as introductions to major Fortune 500 clients,” said David Segura, CEO, VisionIT. “Today, we have become one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the technology services industry through leveraging this network of MBDA leadership, supplier diversity leaders, purchasing, and corporate executives.

MBDA Helps Foxit Software Innovate Beyond Borders
“When we were tight on cash flow, MBDA helped us find the right banking service and we got the right cash that we needed to grow our business,” he said. “They have been constantly in contact with us and provide consulting and referral services. We also received information about the government procurement process.”

Manufacturing Industry Success Stories

MVP Plastics Success Story
Since 2012, the company has worked with our Cleveland and San Antonio Business Centers to identify partners and resources for growing their business domestically and abroad.  The Centers were instrumental in helping the Cleveland based supplier open a new plant in Brownsville, TX as well as engage international buyers in Dongguan, China.

Hanzo Logistics, LLC Success Story
Hanzo Logistics operates a state-of-the-art warehouse and provides fulfillment management, distribution, and transportation services. Nate Ghaim, President and CEO of Hanzo Logistics, attributes the success of the manufacturing company to the collaboration with the MBDA Indianapolis Business Center.

MBDA Helps Manufacturer Secure $200 Million Contract
Mobile MBDA consultants met with owner Billy Vickers to discuss staffing for this large opportunity and tracked the progress of the bid.

MBDA’s Assistance Leads to 90% Increase in Revenue for Manufacturing Company
The business development specialists in the Atlanta MBDA Business Center researched non-traditional sources of capital. They provided introductions to other minority business owners, along with access to opportunities through B2Bs, client networking programs and open events.

MBDA and Sacred Power Corp. – Creating Jobs of the Future
“MBDA has always assisted us. They’ve helped with marketing the proposals that we bidded on, finding funding and bonding since we are half manufacturing and construction. MBDA has helped us all along our timeline of business development,” said Sacred Power CEO David Melton. 

MBDA Helps Largest Minority-owned Company in Tennessee
His daily routine includes monitoring opportunities emailed through MBDA’s Phoenix Opportunity System. “I signed up a few years ago, and I have gotten involved again. Since then, I go through the opportunities on a regular basis,” Gist said.

MBDA Native American Business Enterprise Centers Help Rural Communities
Russell E. Robertson credits the MBDA Native American Business Enterprise Center (NABEC), for guiding and assisting him along the way. “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for them,” Robertson said. “I found them by chance on the internet when I was looking for help. I’ve worked with the California MBDA NABEC since I started in 2004 with Curtis Feaster and they are still helping me.”

Funk Linko – 85 Years in Manufacturing Mastering Core Business and Seeking Out New Markets
Funk Linko has been a client of the Chicago Minority Business Opportunity Center (MBOC) and the Chicago Minority Business Enterprise Center (MBEC). “MBDA has been a major help,” Linko said. “It offers a lot of good advice. Sometimes you need somebody to offer expertise to stay focused.”

Retail Industry Success Stories

MBDA Helps Sister Sky Tap into a Legacy of Entrepreneurism
Their journey from mall kiosk, to spa hotels, to their new ventures has included a lot of help including support from the MBDA’s Don Chapman, senior adviser on Native American Affairs and the Office of Native American Business Development. Sister Sky’s revenue last year was over $500,000 in gross sales.  Primed for growth, they’ve come a long way from the $35,000 a year in their early years.  

Aviation Parts Company Flies to New Heights with the Help of MBDA
Oprea credits MBDA in providing much-needed assistance as she works to meet her goals of expansion and recovery through building a select customer network with well-established airlines and repair stations and new markets. She also hopes to employ more people and redesign her on-hand inventory.

Transportation Industry Success Stories

MBDA Steers Transportation Company in the Right Direction
Thanks to help from the MBDA Business Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, the full services transportation company owned by Joseph and Veronica Greene has secured a contract to provide sole source courier services to the Convention.

*Contract figures are from Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Performance Report.

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