MBDA Steers Transportation Company in the Right Direction

Metro Transportation Services, LLC

Company Name: Metro Transportation Services, LLC     
Industry Sector: Transportation     
Results of MBDA Assistance: Over $1 Million in Contracts, $75 Thousand in Capital, & 25 Jobs Created and/or Retained  
MBDA Support: Access to contracts, access to capital, & strategic business consulting

If attendees at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte needed a courier, there’s a good chance they used Metro Transportation Services, LLC. Thanks to help from the MBDA Business Center in Raleigh , North Carolina, the full services transportation company owned by Joseph and Veronica Greene secured a contract to provide sole source courier services to the Convention.

The Raleigh MBDA Business Center also assisted Metro Transportation in creating a 5-year strategic plan, along with developing skills for evaluating and negotiating contracts. As a result, Metro secured a $75,000 line of credit and contracts totaling more than one million dollars, representing a 25% increase in revenues, creating and retaining as many as 25 jobs both directly and indirectly.